Quick Methods To Troubleshoot 404 Not Found Error Message

404 not found error

404 not found error HTTP response code. It occurs due to page unavailability of the website. There can be multiple reasons for this error. In short, the 404 error means the page you are requesting no longer available. But there is no requirement of taking stress because there are many simple ways to fix this problem. A 404 error arrives from the website, not from the server.

It is very frustrating when user ten to find any webpage, and he/she find a 404 page not found on the browser. But the good thing about this error is that it is temporary. Moreover, there are many solutions to fix WordPress error 404. However, the error is short termed because of the URL removed modified of the website. The requested page is missing from the website then this error 404 occurs. WordPress is a suitable platform to create a website and blog.  Just because the site gets the error that doesn’t mean we should quit the idea to use WordPress as a website. If you are not able to fix the 404 pages not found error, then authenticate WordPress customer care will solve accordingly  

Well, a 404 is an HTTP code that indicates users can interact with the server. However, the server is unable to find that particular web page. A significant difference between the DNS server from Error 404 not found is that in the DNS server doesn’t exist. Where in 404 error, the specific webpage is not available or might be removed from the website. The 404 error might appear as:

HTTP 404
404 error
Error 404

However, users should not panic because it is a very common error. Now we will understand the reason behind this 404 error:-

Reasons for 404 Not Found Error

404 not found error

The wrongly typed URL

Sometimes we are habitual of copy and pasting the URL of the website, and it rarely has errors. But sometimes we wrongly type URL that can occur 404 not found error message on the website. So you should check the URL carefully and type the correct URL to avoid this error. No matter you are using a smartphone or computer, you need to type the webpage accurately.

Webpage deleted or removed from the website.

Often the website owner deletes the web page for modification or updating new things. This makes your user type the old URL, and that occurs 404 errors it means the page does not exist or removed

The URL was wrong it was configured inaccurately.

This happens on the backend of the website because of the mistake of the website user. But it can be solved quickly. You might find the case; then, you need to contact the website developers and experts. Be careful when you are creating your web page and configure the URL structure accurately.

The web server is down or corrupt.

Sometimes the server of the website has a problem that can arrive WordPress 404 error message on the website. When your server has an issue, then you can contact the server hosting provider. The hosting provider will rectify the problem from their end.

Methods of Fixing the Error

404 not found error

We have collected some fixing methods to solve a 404 error on your website. These methods are quick and don’t need highly technical knowledge. Try these methods that are listed below so that you can solve the 404 error.

Redirect back to the home page

Beginning from the home page, you need to use the search box of redirect link that helps you find the page you are searching for. Often people don’t get a clue when they don’t find the specific URL on the website. But when you redirect on the home page, you might find the specific page that you are looking for. The redirection of the website home page helps the user to find the right page.

Please check the URL again and again
You might have mistyped URL, so make sure you are typing the correct URL. If you haven’t checked the URL and typed the wrong URL, then you will absolutely get the WordPress 404 error on the website. That is why it is advised you to type the exact URL that you want to search on the website.

Refresh the web page

Sometimes refreshing a website can work in eliminating 404 not found error. You can refresh the website by F5. Refresh the website and see if the page is showing or not.

Clear your cookies and cache

A cookie is about the little bit of information that users have been given the site. What you want on the website when you spend time on the website, which page of the website you have visited etc. cache is all about speed. When you remove your cache, the loading time of the website is quicker, when you clear the cache of the website that can improve the website speed.

Configure 301 redirections to the Old URL

Redirect your old URL to the new URL by implementing 301 redirections. With the help of 301 redirections, you cannot lose your visitors. It is because the 301 redirections will navigate users to the new URL and don’t make him left the website.
If you are encountering a 404 error on a specific web page, then it might be the reason for changing the URL of a slug of the website. You need to move the content by deleting or posting content to another URL by a new post.

Contact the web development or designing company or server hosting company.

If everything fails and you cannot resolve the 404 error then, you need to communicate the expert people like the company that has developed your website or the hosting server that has provided hosting to your site.
Communicating a WordPress expert is the best possible solution for this error—many players in the market help in eliminating WordPress errors.


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