Top 5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared

Top 5 Backup Plugins

If suddenly your website crash down, what would you do then? The trouble-making situation occurs for you. But similarly, if you have done backup of your WordPress blog or website, then you can have a sigh of relief. Do you know what? If you create regular backups of your website, then it a plus point for your website security. Backups don’t let you get panic for the website crash. There is many WordPress backup plugins, some are free, and some are paid. In this tutorial, we have discussed the top 5 WordPress backup plugins.

To maintain your website, you do lots of things. Like you keep your plugins and themes updated. You follow several security measures. But what if, you’re not creating your work backup. Backups play a vital role when the intruder or hacker hacks your website. The entire restoration process gets easy from backup.

Features of Best WordPress Backup plugin

As we all know, there are numerous backup plugins available. But the question is how to choose a good one for your WordPress website. Here we’ll discuss the essential features that a backup plugin must-have.

  1. The backup plugin is easy to use
  2. It should possess the reliability
  3. There should be auto-testing in it
  4. It should not create a load on your WP site.
  5. Must possess customization
  6. It must be stored offsite in a secure way
  7. Allows easy and prompt restore process

The list of top 5 WordPress Backup plugins are:-

  1. UpdraftPlus
  2. Vaultpress
  3. Backup buddy
  4. Duplicator
  5. All-in-one Migration


UpdraftPlus best wordpress backup plugin

UpdraftPlus is one of the Best WordPress backup plugins of all time. It is the top choice of the users. Almost it has acquired more than 1 million active installations. It has achieved a rate of 4.9 stars out of 5. It offers in both the versions free as well as paid.

Although the free version possesses all the functionalities, however, the paid version adds up enhanced features.

With the aid of UpdraftPlus, you can save your files on any platform like cloud, amazon s3, and even on Google drive. Moreover, it has the privilege to store the backups according to your choice on the servers and can be possible with the help of FTP Client software.


• Freely Available

• Paid version- $70 for 2 sites(Personal)

Features of UpdraftPlus

  1. It has excellent functionality in the free version as well as basic email reporting, backup to a remote area. Restore from backup, dropbox, Google drive as well as FTP services.
  2. In the premium version, updraft plus gives customer support.
  3. It helps in migrating as well as cloning of the websites.
  4. In the premium version, performs automatic backup during the updating process of themes and plugins.
  5. The paid version offers to browse backup contents in WordPress
  6. It supports backup to remote storage.
  7. UpdraftPlus allows backups on-demand as well as scheduled backups.


  1. If you want to access more features, you want the paid version.
  2. For large sites, it doesn’t work efficiently.
  3. There is an independent centralized dashboard that costs more.



VaultPress is a real-time backup WordPress plugin. It has developed by Automattic team. In the beginning, it was an independent, but for now, you must have a JetPack subscription plan for using the vault press. It offers services at $3 per month.


• Free version

• It has the packs that begin at $39 per year for a personal site. For a professional site, its price spikes up to $299.

Features of Vaultpress

  1. It provides one-click restoration
  2. You get unlimited backup archive
  3. The facility of incremental backups
  4. Here 30 day daily backups are done
  5. The facility of downloading the full backup as well as you can select individual files for your work which seems more relevant to you
  6. Unlimited storage disk space
  7. You can manage the entire things from a single place
  8. In the free version, you have the privilege to use security features and as well as uptime monitoring.


  1. You must have JetPack subscription to access the features of backup.
  2. Restore process is fastidious.
  3. HTTP authentication is not here.
  4. In JetPack addition, your site will be loaded with additional functionalities that are not even desired.

Backupbuddy Plugin


It is protecting website since 2010. Almost it has protected more than half-million websites. It offers excellent features and functionalities.


• Free version

• Its plans cost $80 per year for a single site.

Features of Backupbuddy

  1. It has the functionalities of automatic backups.
  2. Allows Website migration.
  3. Easy website restoration steps
  4. It works at fast speed
  5. Privilege to opt specific files of the database for backup purposes
  6. It gives the repair of the database in WordPress
  7. Gives offsite storage options
  8. Generates email notifications when backups are all set for download.
  9. The facility of storing daily 5 backup and twice weekly and single monthly database backups.
  10. It allows full backup as a zip file one daily, monthly, and weekly.


  1. Not able to work on large WordPress sites.
  2. It doesn’t allow options for on-demand backups.
  3. Buy paid version to use enhanced features
  4. There is a problem with HTTP authentication here.



Duplicator has more than 1 million active installations. It has achieved a rate of 4.9 out of 5. As is clear from the name, it not only duplicates your site but also creates backups for your site.


• Free version

• Paid- $59 per year(Works for 3 websites)

Features of Duplicator

  1. It helps in cloning the pre-configured websites
  2. Eliminates the need for re-working
  3. Easy to use
  4. Works as an excellent site migration plugin
  5. Duplicator pro allowed scheduled backups
  6. Its pro version provides storage to cloud, FTP and amazon
  7. Helps in transferring a WordPress site from one host to another.
  8. In the pro version, email notifications generation facility is present


  1. Quite tricky for beginners
  2. Lack of features in the free version
  3. You must possess some technical knowledge to access it

All-in-one Migration Plugin

All-in-one migration

All-in-one-migration plugin is another best WordPress backup plugin. It has the privilege to exports your WordPress site in a single file. I always recommend beginners to use all in one migration plugin for wordpress backup. Its drag and drop functionality is incredible. Moreover, it helps in fixing the problems that occurred due to serialization issues.


• Basic version free available

• Pro version- $59-$179

Features of All-in-one-migration

  1. Very easy to use
  2. It gives mobile support for handling backups
  3. Here integration of WP-CLI is available
  4. Helps in importing large data files


  1. WordPress needs to be installed prior on the live server as well as on destination server
  2. More expensive than other plugins

Final Thoughts

Backups are very much essential for a Website. In this tutorial, we have discussed the top 5 Best WordPress backup plugins Compared. If you have any doubt, ask me freely in the comment box.

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