Complete Tutorial on WordPress Plugins

Complete Tutorial on WordPress Plugins

Many people who just started their blog or website always think about why to use Plugins? Is there any issue of not using that? How do they work? If you are not good at coding, but still want to use great features. Plugins are the ones that can do it for you. Plugins help to build the websites. Before moving further, firstly, we need to discuss the Plugins and their installation. Also, in this blog, we read about the Top 20 WordPress Plugins for beginners in 2020.

About WordPress Plugins?

A WordPress Plugin is a tiny piece of the software that is written in PHP which contains all the features and functionalities, simply provides the customization of the website.
Plugins act as a building block of WordPress websites. They provide high customization to the website.

WordPress for Beginners

How to Install Plugins in Your Website?

Simple way to install wordpress plugins

Here I tell you 3 ways of installing plugins in your WordPress website
a) By searching on a WordPress site and Installing it.
b) By uploading on the WordPress site and uploading it.
c) By File transfer protocol

By searching on the WordPress site and Installing it

Plugin Search box

This is the easiest way of installing relevant plugins according to your choice. For this, you need to familiar with the name of the plugin that you want to install. Follow these steps:-
● Open your WordPress dashboard.
● Move the pointer of the mouse on Plugins.
● After that click on Add new option
● You can now type the name of the plugin at the right side search box.

By uploading on the WordPress site and uploading it.

Plugin Upload option

In this method, a plugin is downloaded from a different site.
● After downloading, you can upload its .zip file on WordPress.
● The next step is to install it right away from the dashboard of WordPress.
● You simply need to select the “Upload plugin”
● After that, you need to browse your drive to catch the .zip file.

Plugin Installation Dashboard

By File transfer protocol

In this method, you have to use FileZilla free and openly available software that goes well with the operating system of the computer. This method works well for those people who have restricted access to the server for the installation of plugins from the main dashboard.

Steps to follow here are:-

● You can download the plugin of your choice from the plugin library of WordPress.
● After downloading, you need to the unzipping of it.
● Your next step is to make use of FTP for uploading this plugin into plugin library of the WordPress
● The plugin which you have uploaded is present under wp-content/plugins.
● After uploading, you need to visit WordPress plugins folders which are present in the dashboard of WordPress.
● After that, you need to do plugin activation.

Top 20 WordPress Plugin for beginners in 2020.

There are many plugins available for WordPress. Some are free, and some are paid. It all depends on the user which he/she wants to use for his/her WordPress website.
Read the full article to know more about mostly used WordPress Plugins. The list of top 20 WordPress plugins are as under:-

Wordpress Plugins for beginners in 2020.
  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Ahrefs
  3. SEMrush
  4. Envira Gallery
  5. Require Featured Image
  6. Sucuri
  7. JetPack Security
  8. WordFence
  9. iThemes Security Pro
  10. UpdraftPlus
  11. VaultPress
  12. Duplicator
  13. WP Rocket
  14. Prefmatters
  15. W3 Super Cache
  16. WPForms
  17. Ninja Forms
  18. WooCommerce
  19. Shared Counts
  20. Akismet

A. SEO Plugins

a) Yoast SEO
It considered the best plugin for SEO. Moreover, it gives full optimization of the website. Features of Yoast SEO
● It provides easy adding of titles of SEO
● There are easy descriptions of the pages and posts as well.
● It can do the generation of automatic XML sitemap for the entire content. So search engines feel no difficulty in crawling your website.
● Moreover, SEO data can be import easily by this.
● It helps the beginner to do optimization of on-page meta titles of SEO as well as descriptions. On the other hand, it can also control SEO redirects. It helps in controlling index settings etc.

b) Ahrefs

It is also a vital all-in-one tool for SEO. Mostly used by bloggers, business people, etc. It gives multiple facilities and enhanced features. Features of Ahrefs are:-
● It has a competitive analysis feature.
● This feature of Backlink research.
● Monitor keyword research.
● Moreover, it has a content analysis tool.
● It helps in boosting the ranking

c) SEMrush

SEMrush is an excellent SEO tool. It used by a large community of people. As it has the facility of providing a complete toolset to increase the traffic. Features of SEMrush are:-
● Organic keywords easily discovered by using SEMrush.
● Has a feature of performing competitive research.
● It emphasizes finding a focus keyword.

B. Image Management Plugins

Image Management Plugins

a) Envira Gallery
It is the best photo gallery plugin of WordPress. Features of Envira Gallery are:-
● Mobile responsive images are build using this.
● It provides a speed optimization feature due to which images load fast.
● Moreover, Envira gallery is that plugin that gives SEO friendly photo galleries.
● It has numerous features like image tagging, albums, etc.

b) Require Featured Image
Featured image used for representing the meaning of your blog post. It plays a vital role in content as well. In case the user is forgetting to add a featured image, before publishing the content. It helps you in reminding that the featured image not set. Moreover, it disables the publish button unless you have not set featured image

C. WordPress Security Plugins

a) Sucuri
Sucuri is one of the best security plugins of WordPress. It is free to use. It is all in one platform. Its pro version is paid one. You must use that as well for enhanced features. Features of Sucuri are as under:-
● If malware persists in your site, it removes them immediately.
● It helps in blocking brute force attacks as well as malicious attacks.
● Helps in safeguarding the website from XSS as well as from SQL injections.
● Mitigates the server loading time.
● Helps in doing scanning for the malware.
b) JetPack Security
It is another security plugin for WordPress and has had more than 6 million active installations. It has a free as well as the paid version. But the thing is the free version does not have many functionalities. So you can opt for a paid one that is affordable. Features of JetPack Security are:-
● It provides site backups and restores
● JetPack is all-in-one kind of security plugin
● If WordPress site is despondent, it quickly detects that and informs you through email alerts.
● It has website design characteristics as well as automated marketing tools.
● Moreover, it possesses comment filtering as well.
● Helps in the organization of dashboards and site activities.
● Protects websites from attacks.
c) WordFence
It is a security plugin. WordFence has excellent features. It safeguards the WordPress website from being exploited. Features of WordFence are as under:-
● It helps in safeguarding your site from brute force attacks.
● Trace if your site password breached. Moreover, it gives you alerts for creating a new password right at the moment.
● Look for hack attempts in login and IP address.
● It is free of cost.

d) iThemes Security Pro
iThemes Security gives users many features and options. This is excellent protection plugin it is easy to use. Features of iThemes Security Pro are:-
● In it, there is the scheduling of backups.
● It provides two-factor authenticity, as it has an additional security layer in it.
● Login attempts are limited.
● It has a feature of 404 detections.
● It allows plugin scans.
● The password powerfully enforced here.
● It restricts and locks unauthenticated activities.
● Frequently sent you alerts on the email for informing you about malicious activities.

D. Backup Plugins for WordPress

Backup WordPress Plugins

a) UpdraftPlus
Almost 2M websites are using UpdraftPlus for backup purposes. It is freely available. Features of UpdraftPlus are:-
● UpdraftPlus helps in the full backup of your website
● It provides storage of backup either on the cloud or also you can use your PC.
● It has the privilege of uploading automatically backup on Dropbox and Google Drive
● Moreover, it scheduled backups
● It performs on-demand backups as well.
● There are easy restore options in it as well.
● It achieved a rating of 4.9/5 to date.
● Either you can go for a free version or pay, it is merely up to you.

b) VaultPress
For beginners, it is an excellent option to go. When it launched, it was an independent plugin, but these days it is the part of Jetpack.
That means you need a subscription to JetPack for using this. Features of VaultPress is as under:-
● Offers real-time backup facilities for cloud and that is automated as well.
● Just with a few clicks, the backup can easily restore here.
● JetPack’s big plans give security scanning.
c) Duplicator
It is best for migrating WordPress sites. It possesses backup features as well. Features of Duplicator are as under:-
● Helps in creating manual backups.
● For Staging, environment backups created here.
● It is free to use.

E. Performance Plugins

a) WP Rocket
WP Rocket is one of the first-class plugins for the cache. It assists in the improvement of SEO rankings.
Following are the features of WP Rocket are:
● WP Rocket is the best option for beginners.
● It is easy to use.
● It includes additional characteristics like CDN support, DNS prefetching, etc.
● It provides optimization of the database.
● It is not as costly.

b) Prefmatters
Prefmatters designed to accelerate the websites. It has a unique style than other plugins. It usually inactivates undesirable options. In WordPress, there are a lot of redundant options. That leads to sluggish loading also. Prefmatters abandon that unwanted option.
Features of Prefmatters are as under:
● It helps in accelerating up the website.
● Ensuring a fast database.
● It helps in disabling emojis.
● Disable google maps.
● It gears local google analytics.

c) W3 Super Cache
WP Super Cache plugin supports you in database optimization. Moreover, It deployed for generating static files of HTML. This file helps in aiding the request. It endorsed by the top WordPress Service Provider companies. Moreover, it is suitable for beginners as well.

Features of WP Super Cache are:
● It helps in alleviating the speed of the page.
● Lessens the load on the server.
● User experience is improved.
● The installation process is straightforward
● It provisions advanced-cache preload types.
● Its optimization is fast, as well as simple.

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F. Contact Form Plugins

Contact Form Plugins

a) WPForms
It considered the best plugin for the contact form. You can use it anywhere.
Features of WPForms are as under:-
● It has drag & drop facility of the online form builder
● Considered as a user-friendly plugin.
● In case of the free version. It includes various features like necessary form details, captcha, notifications for email. Moreover, it has a page of thank-you for confirmation as well.
● For the paid version, it allows the building of forms multi-pages. Moreover, it includes payment forms, order forms, as well as email subscription forms.
● WPForms includes many other features as well like file uploading, signature, user registration, and log in.
More than 3 million websites are using WPForms.

b) Ninja Forms
It is the free plugin form available for WordPress. You can use it and build simple as well as interactive forms very quickly. Its base plugin is available free. You can download it from the official repository of WordPress

G. E-commerce plugins for WordPress

a) WooCommerce
It is one of the most popular plugins for a business perspective. If you are a beginner and want to excel in the business field, then you can opt for this one. Feature of E-commerce plugins are as under:-
● Most excellent add-ons are there.
● Numerous themes are available.
● Supports you in selling digital as well as physical goods and services.
● Secure payment and shipping options.

H. Social media sharing Plugins

a) Shared Counts
Every blogger wants traffic to come to their site. For achieving traffic, sharing is necessary. Shared Counts provide you with the privilege to do that.
Features of Shared Counts are as under:-
● Easy to use.
● Popular social media platforms are in it for sharing.
● The custom post type enables options is there.
● It helps to know social share count as well.

I. Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

a) Akismet
This plugin provides a vital role in handling unwanted comments. It already installed with WordPress. Features of Akismet are:-
● Filter unwanted comments.
● It is a free plugin

Final Thoughts

Although there are many more plugins to study. But we have provided with you the knowledge of essential WordPress plugins for beginners. In this blog, we have discussed WordPress plugins and their installation. We have read the top 20 WordPress plugins for beginners. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask me in the comment box…

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