How To Fix Error Establishing A Database Connection In WordPress


Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress is the most common WordPress error that prevents your WordPress form opening, Let me tell you how it works, every WordPress website establishes a connection with the database to work because every instruction written in a database file. When you open your website and see a message ” Error establishing a database connection“, We understand that you are possibly a little bit worried to see this type of message arrive on your website. There is no need to worry because even this is a fatal error. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be fixed.

Let’s Understand the Error Establishing A Database Connection issue in WordPress

error establishing a databse connection

Let’s try to understand the Error establishing a database connection issue in WordPress. Mainly WordPress uses two kinds of technologies to work namely, MySQL and PHP.

About PHP

“As we all know, PHP is a programming language, and the WordPress files are usually written in PHP”.

About MySQL( Straucture Query Language)

MySQL is a database application, and WordPress uses MySQL database to store information about website contents like web pages, web posts, titles, layouts, colour settings, and more. In short, MySQL database is a place where every bit of information is stored about your WordPress website.

Now we need to understand how WordPress establishes a connection between these two essential elements, Simply WordPress follows PHP instructions to establish connections to the MySQL Database Server. As long as your command reaches the database, it fetches the requested webpage.

Why Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress Occurs

Look, Now we know that WordPress uses PHP instructions to connect with the database server, and after getting the instruction server to revert to the request, one of the most obvious reasons for the Error establishing a database connection in WordPress is that requests are not reaching to the database server. When this happens it shows the error message, Error Establishing a database connection.

Wrong Database Credentials (username or password)

Incorrect database credentials are one of the most common reasons for the error establishing a database connection in WordPress. If you have moved your website to the new Web hosting provider, so this could be the valid reason for the error. you can check your database username and the password to the “wp-config.php” file.

Due to Heavy Traffic

Too much traffic can make your database slow, suppose your one of the post becomes viral, and you are getting ample amount of traffic, and your database server not able to handle the excessive traffic, and its crashes the database connection.

Faulty WordPress Pluins and Themes

Sometimes your WordPress database may get corrupted due to faulty WordPress plugins, themes, hackers assaults.

When Database Server is down

The database server that stores your website file, its down because of heavy traffic, or technical glitch from yoru web hosting provider end, first of all simply check with them.

Steps To Fix Error Establishing A Database Connection in WordPress

Step 1: Check your database server is up and running

When you find the above error in your WordPress Website, then the smartest thing you can do is to get in touch with your Web hosting service provider. It might be a problem from your web hosting provider’s end. They will let you know about the status of your website database. If a problem occurs from their side, they will rectify the error immediately.

But, in case the fault doesn’t come from your web server, then you must proceed with the 2nd step.

Step 2: Check whether the WordPress Plugin or theme damages the WordPress database

After the installation or update of a WordPress plugin or a WordPress theme (learn how to install WordPress theme), Error establishing a database connection occurs, It may be possible that the plugin or theme is malicious and that damages the database. Deactivate such WordPress plugins and Delete WordPress faulty themes right way and refresh your website.

Plug-in or WordPress theme gets corrupted

Step 3: Other Methods that helps

  1. Reboot your database server
  2. Update your WordPress site URL
  3. Contact your service provider for help
  4. Upgrade your Hosting


Go through the above resource to fix Error Establishing a database connection in WordPress.


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