Steps To Resolve Error Establishing A Database Connection In WordPress


When you try to open your WordPress site, and suddenly you see a message “Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress,” what would you do then? We understand that you are possibly a little bit worried to see this type of message arrive on your website. There is no need to worry because even this is a fatal error. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be solved.

Factually, this is one of the most common errors that occur on the website.

It is Important to Understand Database Connection Error in WordPress

error establishing a database connection WP

If we don’t have the right reason for this error establishing a database connection WP, then how can we come up with an accurate solution? Here we will try to understand the problem. Well, WordPress utilizes mainly two technologies to provide the best services and web pages to their users: MySQL and PHP.

As we all know, PHP is a programming language, and the WordPress files are usually written in PHP language.

On the other hand, MySQL is a database application, and WordPress uses MySQL database to preserve all of the website content in which pages, posts and web pages, title, layout, color setting, and all that. In short, MySQL database is a place where every bit of information is stored about your WordPress website.

Now we need to understand the connection between these two essential elements of WordPress. WP utilizes PHP instructions to make connections top the MySQL Data server. As long as your command reaches to the database, it will display the information on the monitor that requests.

And that could be the situation when the error occurs. It hits the website for some reason. WordPress could not be able to receive the information available in the Database through PHP commands. When this happens, websites usually don’t have a clue what to present to the user, so it has only a message left for the user “Error Establishing a Database Connection in your WP website.”

There Are Multiple Reasons For This Error And Some Of The Common Reasons Are:

Wrong Login and Password

You can access the WordPress admin when you have a specific login name and password. If you are entering the wrong username or password, then you are not able to use and get the accessibility of the database. Make sure you are entering the correct login credentials to get back to the access of the WordPress dashboard.

 Wrong Login and Password

Heavy Traffic on the Website
Too much traffic can make your database slow down. I.e. that suppose your post becomes viral, and you are getting ample traffic, then the Database server cannot handle excessive traffic.

Damaged WordPress Files
When your essential WordPress files are become corrupted, then consequently, there is a failure in various updates such as theme, plugins, software updates, content updates.

Corrupted WordPress Database
Sometimes your WordPress database may get corrupted due to insecure plugins, themes, hackers assaults.

When your Database Server is down

The server that restores your website file- the webserver gets down because you might have changed the host server, or it is running in a separate device, and those different databases can be down for unknown reasons.

Steps To fix Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

Step 1: Contact your Web Host Provider
When you find the above error in your WordPress Website, then the smartest thing you can do is to get in touch with your Web hosting provider. It might be a problem from your web hosting provider’s end. When you tell them your error, they will reach you quickly and provide the best expert assistance for the error.

You can contact them by chatting live or call on customer care. They will let you know about the health of your database, and identify whether their database server is going smoothly or not, and a problem occurs from their side, they will rectify the error immediately.

But, in case the fault doesn’t come from your web server, then you must proceed for the 2nd step.

Step2: Check whether the Plug-in or WordPress theme gets corrupted
You need to check, your WordPress files are not corrupt or damage, for example, it might be because you have installed or update any theme or plugin, and then your website gets the error establishing a database connection WordPress

Plug-in or WordPress theme gets corrupted

It may be possible that the plugin or theme is suspicious and the threat to your WordPress. Uninstall such plugins and themes and refresh your website. For more help, please contact the WordPress Expert helpline team 1-707-728-5922.

Step 3: Ensure that your database is not damaged or corrupted.
WordPress Database is definitely a sensitive aspect of the website. Several tiny applications need to be function accurately to eliminate errors. But if your database is damaged or corrupted you will see this error.

So, in that case, you need to navigate to your WordPress dashboard ( if a similar error message occurs.
Then, Consulting a WordPress engineer is a wise decision.

Below Reasons Could be the Cause of database connection error in WordPress

Step 4: confirm the accuracy of your Database Credentials
As we stated already at the starting of this piece of information that the website owner can access the WordPress database and admin if he/she has accurate login credentials.

Generally, people who access database and website admin don’t change the credentials often, until unless they find any security and data theft danger.

You need to make sure that you are entering the correct credential. And if it is the same problem, then you should rest the password, or you can ask your host provider to seek help.

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