How to Delete or Deactivate WordPress Themes

How to Disable WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are the templates of the website that Use to create a userfriendly website.

WordPress themes provide stylesheets, colour combinations, font styles. Every single theme is different from others. Select your WordPress theme according to your needs. Know how to install a WordPress theme step by step guide. But some times, a damaged or corrupted theme can create too many WordPress errors, which is difficult to resolve.

Let’s Understand How to Delete and Disable WordPress Themes

  1. Deactivate the themes via WordPress dashboard
  2. Delete WordPress themes by using FileZilla FTP client software
  3. Delete or deactivate theme by using Cpanel
  4. Deactivate WordPress theme using PHPMyAdmin

How to Delete or Deactivate the theme via the WordPress Dashboard?

  • Click on the themes
  • Before deleting the current theme, you’ve to activate the default WP theme that is twenty or twenty nineteen. Now after activation of the default theme, you ‘re all set to deactivate or delete the current theme
  • For doing so, click on the deactivate button
Click on Save
  • Now you can see the theme is disabled or deactivated.

How to Delete or Deactivate themes using FileZilla FTP Client Software?

1. You have to download the FileZilla


2. Connect your WordPress website by using FTP credentials
3. You can see the following files


4. Look for the root directory
5. You will find a directory named “public_html

find a directory named

6. Simply double click on public_html.
7. Now check for the /wp-content/ folder.
8. Inside wp-content, you can see themes folder (wp-content/themes)

Search Themes

9. You can now check the folder in which all themes are located Path: wp-content/themes. After that, right-click on it, now you’ve to change its name. For example, if the theme name is “Divi“, you have to change it to “Divi_old“.

Change Theme Name

10. After changing its name, it will be no longer found on WordPress dashboard

Note: To delete the theme > Right-click on theme name and clcik delete.

How to Delete or Deactivate themes using Cpanel?

  • Delete or deactivate WordPress themes using a file manager Login to your WordPress Hosting Cpanel
Cpanel login area
  • Now the following screen opens in front of you. Here you’ve to choose the file manager option.
File Manager
  • Click on the file manager; you can see the following page opens, which is your website root page.
click on public html
  • After clicking on public_html, a new page is opened up, which shows wp-content; simply click on wp-content.
click on wp Content
  • Now you can see the themes options available there, click on it
Click on themes options
  • A list of themes that is installed on your WordPress website is opened up. Let’s suppose that you want to delete default Twenty-twenty theme, click on that
Twenty twelve theme
  • After clicking, you’ll see an option of delete at the top, click on delete option, your theme is deleted now.
Click On Delete Option
  • I. Now you can visualize your WordPress dashboard to look that the theme which you have deleted via Cpanel is deleted or not.
Theme have Deleted

Note: To Deactivate it: Rename the theme i.e, if your theme name is “diva” rename it “divi_old”.

Delete or Deactivate Your WordPress themes using PHPmyAdmin

  • Firstly, login into PHPMyAdmin (Open the cPanel dashboard by filling id and password)
  • After that, click on the PHPMyAdmin (an icon that is present under the database section)
  • Click on wp_options
  • Now click on the browse
Click on Browse
  • Move through the tables
  • Stop when you discover the stylesheet and template
discover the stylesheet
  • Click on the pencil-type icon present in front of the stylesheet and template.
  • Now you’ve to choose the default theme(twentyt-wenty)
  • Click on the Go option
Click on Go option
  • The currently active theme will be deactivated by this
  • Now WP site will use default WordPress twenty-twenty themes, you can refresh the PHP page and check over there first
twenty nineteen themes
  • This will deactivate the currently installed theme.


Sometimes corrupted WordPress themes can create issues. There are common WordPress Errors that arise due to corrupt themes.

The best solution, in this case, is to delete or deactivate the current themes. In this tutorial, we have described three important ways by which you can delete or deactivate the themes in WordPress. If you have any doubt, ask freely in the comment box. I hope that this tutorial works for you in solving your issue.

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