How to Fix Add Media Button Not Working Issue in WordPress

How to fix Add Media Button Not Working Issue

 Add Media Button not working issue in WordPress is a rare WordPress error that occurs when some themes or plugins scripts or stylesheets conflict. It is quite a frustrating situation. Because the Add Media Button not working issue doesn’t show any warning message or specific error code or error. You feel confused about why this happened. So we’ve come up with the tutorial of how to fix the Add media button not working issue in WordPress.

Add media button on WordPress is deployed to insert images, videos into your posts. By the usage of this button, you can add any number of images, video as well as source links of different videos into your post. This way, your post looks more enhanced.

Read on the full tutorial on how to solve this add media button, not working issue.

How to fix the add media button not working issue in WordPress

Follow these steps to fix the Add media button not working issue in WordPress.

  • After that click on File Manager.
File Manager
  • It shows all the necessary files related to your WordPress website
  • After clicking on the file manager option, the following screen opens.
Open Screen
  • There you’ve to click on public_html directory option
Publick html
  • Now you’ve to find a file named wp-config.php
  • After that right-click on the wp-config.php file, then click on the Edit option.
  • You can see a pop-up warning window, then click on the edit option. You can see the entire code.
backup of your files
  • There in the coding, you will find a line “ That’s all, stop editing happy blogging,” you’ve to paste the following code above this line.
  • By using this code, your website now loads one script at a particular time. It helps in fixing the WordPress add media button Error.
  • After insertion of the code, click on save changes. Now your add media button starts working.

Pro Tip: Now, you have to discover the script which creates the mess. It should be done on the staging website. You can use the Inspect tool for this. Inspect tools depicts the console errors, which thereby takes you to the primary source from where conflict occurs. It can be anything either plugin or theme.

Debugging the plugins and themes for Add media button not working issue

Sometimes, the add media button issue in WordPress arises due to corrupted plugins and themes. You have to disable all the plugins one by one to find the cause behind the Add media button not working issue.

To do this, follow the following steps.

  • Got to Your WordPress Admin Login Page
  • Move to plugins> Click on installed plugins
  • Select all Plugins
  • Click on deactivate option present at the top
Deactivate Plugins

By doing all the plugins get deactivated. After that, you’ve to activate all the plugins one by one. When you activate a plugin, you’ve to then instantly check whether the Add media button is working or not? It assists you in debugging which plugin is a culprit plugin and creating this issue.

In case if you don’t find any plugin that creates the Add media button not working issue, then the problem is not with the plugins, then you have to check your WordPress themes.

You’ve to set your theme to default theme i.e., is Twenty-Twenty. If changing the theme solves your problem, then definitely, there is the issue with the themes.

Final Thoughts

Add media button of WordPress plays a vital role in creating the enhanced look of your blog post. But it creates a panic situation when out of sudden it stops working. Here in this tutorial, we’ve discussed how to fix the add media button not working in WordPress. I hope that this tutorial helped you in solving the issues. If still, you’re facing any issue, ask us freely in the comment box.

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