How to Fix the Product Page not Found WooCommerce (Error 404)

product page not found WooCommerce

A 404 error Product page not found WooCommerce in your online store occurs mainly when the requested URL or Page has deleted or moved to a different address. It is quite very frustrating when you open up the shopping app and start clicking on the product of your choice. It will lead you to the page “Product page not found WooCommerce.” This 404 error arises when the website is under maintenance or listed product removed from the page. Don’t feel freaky. We have come up with ways to fix the WooCommerce 404 error.

What is the meaning of Product Page not Found WooCommerce or Error 404

Error Product page not found is also known as HTTP error 404, or more commonly called “404 error”. It is an HTTP status code. It merely depicts the error page showing error 404 when your desired product page is not found on the server. It implies whether the page has replaced.

Different names of 404 Error

  1. HTTP Error 404
  2. Error 404
  3. 404 not found
  4. Error 400:page not found
  5. The requested URL was not found on the server
  6. Not found
  7. Page not found
  8. We can’t find the page you’re looking for

How to Fix Product Pag not Found WooCommerce

It is advisable that before moving to hardcore steps, you should try these simple ways of fixing 404 error

  1. The effortless yet effective way is to refresh the page. Just press F5 on the keyboard and revisit the page to check out while it is working or not.
  2. Sift through the URL whether its spelling is correct or not.
  • Check out your PC for malware. Sometimes a virus can disturb the web pages so that it creates 404 errors.

Even it is better that you find your problem solved by the above ways, but if it is not solvable, then you need to move ahead with these steps.

Clear Your Browser Cache

Clearing your browser cache helps you in getting rid of this 404:page not found in WooCommerce error. Follow these simple steps

  1. Press Ctrl+F5 on keyboard
  2. You can also use settings of the browser for doing this

Try to open the page in a different browser. If the problem is gone, then it happens due to cache, and in case if it persists, then you can move towards the following ways of fixing this error.

Make changes in Permalinks.

If the permalinks not correctly configured then the 404 error occurs. It occurs because permalink is altered or changed.

Follow these steps

  1. Got to your WordPress Admin Login
  2. Move to the settings option
  3. Click on the Permalinks.
  4. Select the default settings.

At the bottom of the page, click  Save changes.

It works, but if in some cases it doesn’t solve your issue then it is a need to update your .htaccess file manually. Follow these steps

  1. Use FTP for login to your server
  2. There you’ve to change .htaccess file
  3. .htaccess file is present in the /wp-content/ and /wp-includes/ are residing
  4. You can perform this manually by adding the following code in your .htaccess file

 Use 301 redirects and redirect the content to another URL

In case if you are facing error 404: page not found on a particular product page. You can change the URL slug for that particular page. Try manually moving that piece of information. It means you have to delete the existing post and need to paste that post into a new post. This way, you can access the content/page. Here the best technique is to redirect the old location to the new one as if anyone wants to access that they can access automatically.

Pro Tip:- To safeguard your domain authority which is linked to the backlinks of that particular post, always add a redirect before moving or renaming a post. Follow these steps to set the redirect.

  1. Install free Redirection plugin in your WordPress.
  2. After installing move to the tools
  3. Click on the Redirection
  4. There you see Source URL box and Target URL box
  5. Here add the 404 page URL in the source URL box and add the new location for the page in the Target URL box
rediction product page not found WooCommerce

This way you can resolve error 404 product page not found Woocommerce


People don’t waste a single moment leaving a shopping site if there any issue happens with that. Error 404: page not found is a significant issue. It should be fixed as soon as possible. In this tutorial, we have discussed How to fix the product page not found WooCommerce. I hope this tutorial helped out in solving the problem. If still, you are facing any difficulty, kindly ask us in the comment box.

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