Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

How to Fix Sidebar Below Content Error In WordPress

A sidebar in WordPress is a widget feature of WordPress theme that shows categories, tags, social icons, and more. Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress arises when the sidebar in the WordPress site, situated either left or right, shifted to the below part of the content. 

Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress occurred due to several reasons like the addition of a pluginthe issue with float settings in the CSS files, and when any div tag is unclosed. It disorders the look of the website. In this blog, we have discussed How to Fix Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress, a step by step guide for the beginners.

How to Fix Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress (A Step by Step Guide)

  1. Undo the recent changes you have made

A newly installed WordPress plugin or any changes in WordPress theme or template modification can create the sidebar below content error in WordPress. The best way to fix this is to deactivate the WordPress plugin. and undo the recent changes. Now you can refresh the page to check out whether the error sidebar below content is fixed or ot..

2. Fix CSS error in WordPress theme

If there is any problem in CSS, then the sidebar below content error in WordPress happens. In this, the main reason is that the Settings of Width ratio has not configured correctly in the theme. There are three areas of content.

  1. Content (your main content area)
  2. Sidebar (Your sidebar content)
  3. Wrap section (it holds content and sidebar section)
CSS-how to fix sidebar below content error in wordpress

Example: in the above image, The width of the wrap is 700, but the total combined width of the Content and Sidebar is 800. So there is no space left for the wrap to display the content and sidebar together. That is why it shows the sidebar below the content error. For this, examine the template and make some necessary modifications for fixing the issue.

3. Debug and Fix all of the unclosed as well as over closed <div> tags

Sometimes in a hurry, any tag is left unclosed or closed twice. Sidebar below content error in WordPress also can arise from this <div> tag problem. To Correct <div> tags usage, take a look at the following image.

DIV tag

Here all the (div) tags are in pairs; both opening and closing tags are synchronized.


<div id= “header”> WordPresserror500 </div> // Properly closed Div tags

But in case if the tag is left unclose then it will look like

<div id=”header”>Wordpresserror500  //Unclosed tag

Example of over closing of the tags

<div id= “header”> WordPresserror500 </div> </div> //Over Close tag

If the <div> tag problem is apparent on a specific post, you can evaluate the post’s content. This way, you can debug any unclosed or over closed <div> tag.

To fix this, you have to remove over closing tags as well as any tag has left open, close it. Then click on the save button and try loading the faulty post or a page to review whether the error has gone.

Pro Tip: You can deploy a W3 validator for sorting this error of <div> tag on multiple pages and posts.

Final Words on the Topic How to Fix Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

In this blog, we have discussed How to Fix Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress. I hope your problem is sorted by reading this blog. If you are still facing any issue, kindly ask us in the comment box, WP500 Team is here to answer all your questions.

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