How to Fix WooCommerce Empty Cart Issue

How to fix WooCommerce empty cart issue

WooCommerce Empty Cart Issue is quite irritating. After spending your precious time deciding what to buy, you add the products in cart and suddenly show “Cart is empty.” What happens here is you add some products in the cart, but the cart is not showing any product means its empty.

wooCommerce Empty Cart issue is not a big issue. Read the following steps to fix an empty cart issue in your WooCommerce online store.

Steps to fix WooCommerce Empty Cart Issue

Check your theme and WooCommerce is Compatible with your WordPress version

You have to keep your WordPress, theme and WooCommerce updated. The old version of the theme may create many WordPress errors. Its up to you that you’ve to regularly check whether you are using the latest WooCommerce compatible version or not.

It generally happens when you have updated your WooCommerce very early, but themes and plugins which were paid one takes time to update.

Flush out or Save the permalinks

Flushing permalinks can also help you in solving WooCommerce Empty Cart issue

For this, you have to follow these steps

  • Click on the Permalinks
  • Then you need to click on save changes option
Save Changes
  • In this way permalinks are flushed out.

Check WooCommerce System Status

To check to follow the following steps:

  • Login to Your WordPress admin dashboard
  • Click on WooCommerce
  • After that click on system status option
System Status
  • You will see the following page
  • Now you’ve to click on the tools options, the following page will open in front of you
Tools Options
  • You have to clear all given options like
    • Clear transients
    •  Clear expired
    • Recount terms
    • Clear all sessions
How to fix WooCommerce empty cart issue
  • After that, you can see whether the cart is empty problem sorted out or not.

Check the checkout endpoints are correctly written or not

Follow these steps

  • Open WooCommerce Dashboard page
  • Go to the settings options
  • Click on the advanced tab
  • Move to checkout endpoints
  • There you have to check that there should be no space in between these checkout endpoints.
checkout endpoints

Disable or deactivate all plugins other than WooCommerce

WooCommerce empty cart issue can occur due to plugins conflicts. For this, you’ve to deactivate or disable all the plugins, and then you have to activate it back after that you have to test side by side the cart also. If, at any point, you can find the corrupt plugin, then either you can replace or upgrade that corrupt plugin.

Deactivate active theme

In so many cases, a newly installed WordPress theme can create problems on a WordPress website. WooCommerde empty cart issue may occur due to a corrupt theme. To fix this, you have to deactivate the theme.

Note: before making any changes we recommend you to take the full website backup. (see: top 5 wordPress backup plugins)

to debug this WooCommerce empty cart issue, You can deactivate the current themes and switch to the default theme.

Check WordPress Cache Plugin Setup

It is a dire need to choose a WooCommerce compatible caching plugin. Your Caching plugin should not cache wooCommerce My Account Pages. If your WordPress cache plugin is somehow caching this, then you might get empty cast issue on your wooCommerce online store.

Check your web hosting server-side cache settings.

the hosting service provider has a server-side cache feature. Because some hosts possess their cache, and it applies to your WordPress by default.

It should be disabled as soon as possible because this might be the reason for showing an empty cart issue.

Take an example: WPEngine uses its cache system. What happens with this? Might create a problem for your WooCommerce Cart setting. For sorting out, you need to contact hosting support.


WooCommerce empty cart issue can impact your eCommerce business. In this tutorial, we have given a solution on how to fix WooCommercde empty cart issue. Ask your queries in the box below.

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