How To Install WordPress Theme

How to install wordpress theme

Themes play an important role in WordPress Website Design. Choosing a relevant theme according to your niche is very necessary. There are several themes available. However, some themes are free, and some are paid. The thing is you need to explore themes to find the right theme for you. What themes exactly do? It helps in making your WordPress site more attractive. WordPress themes create the look and feel for the entire website. On the other hand, this is possible with a few clicks only. You need no coding for it.

Themes can be paid or a free one. Paid themes provide extra features to the website. However, WordPress themes look complicated in the beginning, but it is not like that. In this blog, How to install a WordPress theme? Before going further it is necessary to know first What is a theme in WordPress?

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“A theme is an assembly of templates as well as stylesheets for defining the look and presentation of a WordPress driven website. They can be modified, added, and even managed in WordPress as well.”

How To Install Themes

Methods of Installing a theme in WordPress

A. Installation of a free theme from the WordPress theme directory
B. Uploading a zip file to the dashboard of the WordPress
C. Manual Adding new themes by the use of FTP

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A. Installation of a free theme from WordPress Directory of themes

The fundamental way of selecting the theme is from the WordPress theme directory. In the WordPress theme directory, official themes are present. They are free to download. Moreover, the search functions are secure. It is overall considered the easiest method. You can make use of a search bar if you want to put the theme of your choice.
In the theme search function, there is a feature filter that helps to narrow down the results. Moreover, you can select your preferred layout format. Steps to install a free theme from the WordPress themes directory are:-

  1. The first step is to log in to the WordPress admin page.
  2. Now you need to go to Appearance.
  3. After that, select Themes.
  4. For adding a theme, click on Add New.
  5. There are two ways of adding a new theme

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Following are the two ways:-

A. By direct search method
You can do direct searching of the theme of your choice by searching in the theme directory.
B. Make the use of Feature Filter
This method works well when you don’t know the name of your preferred theme. It can be helpful for you. You simply need to check any tags. After that, Apply Filter. Now you can find themes according to search criteria.
vi. For unlocking themes options, you need to hover it. On the other hand, simply choose Preview to see the theme’s demo. Moreover, you can also install it by clicking the Install button.
vi. After installation, click on the Activate link.
vii. Now you are ready to preview your site.

B. Uploading a zip file to the dashboard of the WordPress

It is not needed to work with the only available themes in the WordPress dashboard. You can also download themes. The above-described method doesn’t go well with downloaded themes. Installing themes from elsewhere and uploading these on your WordPress website is not much difficult.
Moreover, if you only need themes in zip file format. This zip file needs to directly upload to your WordPress website. In case, if you are unable to discover that file, you need to contact the developer of themes. Simply you need to follow these steps for installing themes from other sources into your WordPress website:-


I. Firstly download the theme zip file.
II. Go to your WordPress website.
III. Click on Appearance
IV. You find Themes here
V. Now click on Add New.
VI. A new option of Upload Theme is visible now
VII. Click on Choose File.
VIII. Select the theme zip file from your PC
IX. At last, click on Install now. Once the theme is installed, then you need to activate it by clicking Activate

C. Manually Adding New Themes by the Use of FTP

If you are ready to improve your skills, then you can opt for this method. On the other hand, this method works for experienced bloggers only. If you are beginners, then you might find it more tricky. You need an FTP hostname, username, and password for that. Also, you need FTP client as well,
Steps of installing themes by FTP are:

  1. Open Filezilla and after that enter your login details
  2. Then click on Quick Connect.
  3. This window contains a root directory and remote site. Here root directory is your site’s name.
  4. Now, you need to click on /root directory/web/content/wp-content/themes.
  5. Open the local site window. After that, select the folder in which there is a saved theme. Now you need to do right click and then click on upload.
  6. Your theme is successfully uploaded now.
  7. Now you need to do login to the control panel. You need to move to Appearance. Click on themes. Point your mouse on new themes. At last, click on activate.
  8. You are ready to check the visibility of your new theme now.
Essential Tips for Installing themes in WordPress
  • You need to change WordPress themes safely. For beginners, it is okay if they are experimenting, but if you have an established website, be mindful before making any changes. Moreover, if you want modification in your theme, firstly do a backup of your website.
  • Updation of the themes is appropriate. It does not take much time. With every new theme, your features are also added.
  • If you are out of budget, then you can explore free themes.
  • You need to install both child and parent themes on your WordPress website.
  • Only one theme is used at a time. However, you can install as many themes as you want.
Final Thoughts

Many WordPress themes are released every month. Before installing the relevant WordPress theme, read out its ratings. It helps you a lot, which works well for you. In this blog, I have discussed ” How to Install WordPress Theme”. Moreover, some essential tips for installing themes are also provided. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask me in the comment box.

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