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Get excited to Learn WordPress, an ultimate guide for WordPress beginners, in this article we are going to answer all basic WordPress Questions.

What is WordPress?

Have you ever wondered how so many people are making money out of running a blog or a website by just penning down their thoughts and sharing their world through images if you are guessing all these people are engineers who could not find jobs and just put their web development knowledge into these websites? Learn WordPress to create a dynamic website or blog on your own.

Well, you may be right for some, but you do not have to know to code to create your website. There I said it. Let it sink in. That’s what software like WordPress is for. They make creating a website so much simpler by doing most of the work for you. It helps you get your posts ready and manage all the content that goes into your website.

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Learn WordPress Installation Within 5 minutes of clicking install WordPress, you can create your own website. Now, hold your breath. A total of 455,000,000 websites run on WordPress, according to Netcraft. So you can see how successful it has been in helping people run their websites.

The best thing about it is it’s free, and it is open-source software. That means anyone can Learn WordPress, and it keeps getting updated with new features that aim to give the patrons a better experience on their whole ‘website making journey’. In fact, this has been pertinent in helping WordPress to propel to where it is today.

What is WordPress

It started off as just a platform for bloggers back in 2003, but now it is the main software powering an approximate of 35% of the websites available online, including The New York Times, The Walt Disney Company, and even the White House.

Learn WordPress Important Feature

1) Learn WordPress because its easy to use

If you have your content ready now, you just have to type in wordpress.org, make an account, install the software, create a post, and ‘voila’ you have a website ready to be put on the internet. It is almost as simple as making a Word Document. Add media from the files you already have, and you can copy past any kinds of equations and formulas with much ease as well.

2) Adaptability

The possibilities of WordPress are virtually limitless. You can create any form of the website, be it a blog, an e-commerce website, a professional portfolio of your expertise, a social media platform, broadcast the news, and so on. All of it belongs to you; every single letter on your website and there no interference from hosted services.

There are a plethora of eye-catching themes to choose from in the WordPress theme directory. You can even upload themes from other sources on the internet, such as WIX, Squarespace, and ThemeForest, or even extend your plugins. Not only can the plugins be used to upload your WordPress theme of choice but also many additional features such as antivirus protocols, calendars or times stamps, fine-tune controls for the best use of SEO, etc.

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3) Publishing Tools

Publishing Tool-Learn WordPress

is primarily a content management software. It has several tools that make it very easy for you to get your website running. While making your posts, you can save them as drafts if you weren’t feeling mainly motivated at that moment and go back to them easily.

You can even time your posts based on when you think is the prime time to post your article, this is somewhat similar to how the millennials time their Instagram posts to ensure they get the most likes, but in fact, this is a tactic for visibility. Every time you save your draft, it is saved as a revision.
You can access the previous versions of your draft with the help of the post revisions option. You can even control who can view or cannot view your content by locking it with a password; this is especially useful for paid content.

4) Learn WordPress User Management

To keep a successful website going, you may need the perspective of more people and their thoughts pinned down. So you can allow permission for multiple contributors while limiting their access as well. The permission can be altered based on whether they are Administrators, Editors, or Authors. It helps form a process before publishing any posts.

5) Manage the Media

Manage the Media

You have to upload all the pictures or videos, you want to include in your posts. You can also perform edits on the images on WordPress itself, You can add captions and even alternative text to ensure everyone will be able to construe.

6) Standards-Compliance

Basically means that WordPress is in compliance with the standards of W3C so that it remains interoperable and relevant even when the browser is updated in the future. In addition to this feature, WordPress is also licensed under GPL. This promises the users the freedom to download the software and experiment with it; make it better; make it their own.

7) Comments Section

The comment section sometimes acts as a source of driving force for people to continue putting out content on their website. It is the platform where their work is lauded or constructively criticized, giving the website purpose and also helping to better the website, respectively. WordPress provides you with tools to initiate a discussion and even maintain decorum, Learn WordPress to create your own website and Interact with visitors through comments

8) Import content

You already got your website or blog running on another platform. However, you want to make the shift to WordPress, all you have to do is import all your content from the other publishing software. And you can continue developing your website using WordPress

As mentioned, WordPress has gained such a big name in the industry due to the help rendered by all the developers along the way. Hence, they are allowing them to expand the horizons by making several features just for the developers.

Learn Some Addtional WordPress Features

One of the main features of WordPress is that if you do not like something you are not limited to the software, you can search all over the internet and add whatever you feel is apt through the many plugins. Hence, developers are allowed to add the repository of plugins already available and bring about their original designs of interfaces for the website. You can get creative and add your own themes as well.

HTTP requests, databases, URL routing, and many other features are available to help you get started with your application. Also, you are not limited to audio and video. You can add whatever type of media, such as multipart, models, and fonts, as long as you know how to code for them.


Let us just take a look at some of the things you can undertake with WordPress.

1) The most exciting way you can use WordPress if you ask me is to create your Webshop. Want to start a small business in the comfort of your home? No problem. You cannot get the reach from just telling your friends and family to spread the word. You have a plugin for that too; WooCommerce. It has all the essential features needed to get the business running. You can get an SEO score and suggestions to make your product more comfortable for people to find. There are also many other WordPress plugins available as your business progresses. Learn WordPress Plugin Installation process

2) WordPress Multisite
You can create multiple websites with different content, all controlled by a master installation. Let us say you want all the antivirus protocols and policies to be the same for your websites, but the content and layouts are different, this is the feature for you.

3) Social Network
to create your own version of Facebook or Instagram with your colleagues or friends. You can do so with BuddyPress, which is another plugin of WordPress that allows you to start up a small scale social media network.

4) Forums
Learn WordPress Forum management for discussions on pressing topics online. Guess what; there is a plugin for that too. It’s called bbPress. With this plugin, you can make multiple forums and classify them based on what they are about. You can have people comment with their thoughts and even notify them when further discussions occur in the forum and much more.

5) Marketing through Email

Marketing through Email

Marketing is one of the best ways to gain traffic for your content. It helps to identify who is genuinely interested and keep them in the loop of what you are posting by notifying them. You can send your target audience newsletters and promotions if you are selling any products. This is very easy with plugins like Bloom, which allow you to acquire the email addresses of interested patrons.

“These are just a handful of options. There is a whole of a lot of other things you can do with WordPress”.


WordPress gives its users the power to express their opinions without constraint. WordPress is free, so copyright claims or Takedowns may not be well backed up. But, WordPress has got your back as it values the efforts of its patrons; it ensures they have full creative freedom. Hence, they analyze takedown notices with much care and help against improper takedown demands.

You may need your beauty sleep, but WordPress is a beast. It monitors your website 24/7 and gives you live statistics on the number of people visiting your page, commenting on your page, etc.

WordPress prides itself on being available to all the people that come in search of it and breaks down barriers essentially. The barrier I’m talking about is the Language Barrier. You can change your language option according to what your target audience prefers to be it, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, and approximately 70 more languages, Learn WordPress Cool Features and create a standout website.

I could go on and on about the wonders of WordPress, but you will never know unless you never try. So what are you waiting for? Learn WordPress and get the best of it.

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