Locked Out of WordPress Admin Dashboard

How to fix Locked Out of WordPress Admin

To manage your WordPress website or to perform any changes, like editing your site design, publishing the latest blogs, managing comments, and many more tasks can happen only from the WordPress admin dashboard. To log in to WordPress dashboard, got to WordPress admin login page type your login details (username and password) and click on login, it redirects you to your wordPress dashboard. You may feel disappointed or stressed if you can not log in to your WordPress dashboard or locked out of WordPress admin dashboard. It is frustrating as You might face so many difficulties in your routine work.

First of all, I would like to tell you to calm down and don’t get stressed.

How to Fix Locked out of WordPress Admin Problem

Locked out of WordPress admin issues may occur because of the following reasons.

  • White screen of death
  • Wrong login credentials
  • Losing administrator privileges
  • Syntax error
  • Error establishing a database connection
  • Too many login attempts

1. Error White Screen of Death

As is clear from the name, a white screen means a screen appears, which is blank or white. There are several reasons for this issue. The major one is when your website has exhausted the defined php memory limit, faulty or corrupted WordPress plugins and themes also cause error white screen of death.

Way of fixing:-

Way 1: Increase php memory limit

How to Increase Memory Limit WordPress

You can increase the php memory limit by following ways

  • Increase php memory limit in the php.ini file
  • From wp-config.php file for increasing memory limit
  • Increase the memory limit in the .htacess file

 Learn How to Increase Memory Limit WordPress a full step by step guide with proper images.

2. Wrong Login Password

It considered the leading cause of locked out of WordPress admin. You may get this error when login details have incorrectly filled. In this situation, the easiest way to reset the WordPress password by clicking on the “forgot password” option. But in case you are not able to receive the reset password link email, then you have to reset the password from the WordPress database (phpmyadmin) itself.

Tips to remember the password:

  • You should pay more attention during password typing
  • If you are struggling to remember the password, do write it down somewhere, or you can use a password management application for that.

How to Reset Password from the Database (phpmyadmin)

To reset the password from the phpmyadmin, follow the below steps:

Login to your cpanel>go to database section in the cpanel

Choose phpmyadmin from the database section

from phpmyadmin dashboard select your database

Now in the table section, look for the wp_users table and click on browse.

You can see a list of user fields > click on Edit

Now look for user_pass > function column select MD5 from dropdown list> and in the value column type your new password

At last, click on the Go button and save the database.

Hurrah! You have changed your password successfully.

3. Losing Administrator Privileges

Sometimes what happens is you lose the admin access. Means you can login to your WordPress admin account, but user permission has changed, It may occur if your website got hacked. In this case, you need to create an admin user from the database.

4. Syntax Error

Syntax errors arise in the coding. If this kind of problem prevails, it means it is due to incorrect code. Do you know what? Even a small comma or misplaced character can create a mess. To fix Syntax Error in WordPress, please refer to our blog WordPress parse or syntax error.

5.Error Establishing A Database Connection

Error establishing a database connection means your WordPress not able to communicate with the database server. It could happen because of your WordPress database get damaged or corrupted or Hosting server failure could be one of the reason. To fix this error, please check our step by step guide on how to fix error establishing a database connection in WordPress

6. Too Many Login Attempts

Too many login attempts may cause the locked out of WordPress admin. You should restrict limit login attempts on your WordPress website

Apply limit login attempts, which means restricting the entry of login for the unwanted users; appropriate captcha is used here for limiting the login. Here every user is not allowed to exceed a particular range of login attempts. If he/she tries to do that, then your account automatically locked out for a temporary period. You have to set WordPress limit login attempts to protect your website.


Creating your business website on WordPress is, for sure, an easy task, but maintaining it is quite tricky. Various kind of WordPress errors and problems can let you go crazy. But as you know, if there is some issue, the solution would also be there. Read carefully to fix locked out of WordPress admin issue on your own.

We’ve stated quick fixes when some significant issues arise. I hope that this tutorial helps you in solving your problem. But still, if you have any doubt, ask freely in the comment box, or you can also contact us. Please check our youtube channel for the video tutorials.

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