Refund Policy

The refund policy here will help our clients by explaining when they can request refunds to their respective products acquired from our website.

Web Hosting:

  • Until the refund policy provides a refund specifically, every other fees for Web Hosting and such related services will be non-refundable. This will be the case even if the Web Hosting Services according to the contract, get terminated before contract ending.
  • You may request and receive refunds for the packaged fees you paid for shared hosting. However, even if it happens, it will happen under the sole discretion of our website. Another condition will be the account holder should cancel it within thirty days of purchase.

There will not be any refunds in case of:

  • Any other additional features or upgrades to the customer’s Web Hosting packages with additional fees.
  • Any other fee related to the registrations of domain names associated with the Web Hosting package.


  • Any renewals regarding Web Hosting as well as related services occur.


SSL Certificates:

  • The Refund Policy particularly provides refunds; however, the other fees for the SSL certificates irrespective of the entire part or half of it are not refundable.
  • If the refund is applicable as per the client’s request, clients will get refunded with the fees for the SSL certificates.
  • A client must obtain an issuance and then make a written request for a refund within 15 days to be eligible for the refund. The refund might also get credited in your account eventually in case of failed attempts of issuance. Or, you can also make zero attempts and submit a written regarding refund request on the website. 

Registration of Domain Name:

  • As long as the refund policy provides a refund, every other fees for the domain name and registrations are going to be non-refundable no matter if the registration for the domain name gets suspended, transferred or canceled before the current registration terms end.
  • The new registrations for domain names might be refundable; however, it will happen according to our website if the registrant cancels the registration for the domain name with valid reasons within three days after registration.
  • The registrant will not get any refunds for fees ofthe After Market Domain Names as long as the registration gets rejected or canceled by our website.
  • No refunds will be available for fees registrants pay for premium domains, WhoisGuard subscription, or such services.
  • However, in case of failed attempts to transfer any name of the domains to our website, we will refund the fees paid automatically for those domain names.

General Terms:

  • There will be no refunds for terminated services
  • If a free domain registration is provided to the client under a purchased service as part of promotions and then registrant cancel the service, we will deduct the charges of the domain from the refundable amount.
  • As we provide our refunds in USDs, the purchaser will be solely responsible for any exchange rate fluctuations.
  • We will credit the refund to the PayPal account or to the credit card as long as you have no special requests regarding the refund. We will deduct the processing fees (if any) from the refundable amount.

Services that are Non-Refundable:

Here are some non-refundable services you should know about.

  • Specific servers or IP addresses
  • The transfers of renewals of the domain registrations
  • Services purchased at reduced fee during a promotion
  • Fees clients have paid for additional services that are not related to service
  • WhoisGuard subscriptions


Refund Requests:

After reading the policies mentioned carefully, if your request is eligible for a refund, here is some information you should include with your request for a refund.

  • Your reason for asking for the refund
  • Information to identify transactions
  • Any other information our customer care team asks to proceed your request for refund