Terms and Conditions

User’s Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Terms:

We make the website available and innumerable other associated services collectively to our clients. Therefore, here we are providing all the terms and conditions and any written agreements between our clients and us. Besides, while the client is using a service that is subject to any posted rules applicable or contains terms and conditions in addition to those are also here. Clients will get all such guidelines here.

By using our site, you are agreeing to all the terms of the website. If you do not agree or do not want to get bound by these terms and conditions, please exit the website now. A remedy to your dissatisfaction with the terms of use or products available on this website will be stop from using this website. Your agreement regarding compliance with these terms and conditions will become effective immediately after the commencement of using this site.

Description of services:

We have various services available on our website. WordPress maintenance and support and many other services. You, the client, will be responsible for providing their expenses of all the necessary equipment to avail of these services.

We have the right and permission to alter or terminate this website and its features any time without or with notices. Any new added features or enhance the then-current services on the site will fall under these terms.

Registration Data and Privacy:

You will require an account to get access to the services of the website. You can get it by completing your registration form that requests some certain information and data. You should maintain and update these data as required. By registering, you provide us the right and permission to disclose your selective registration data to any third party. You can check the privacy policies regarding this.

Conduct on-site:

The use of this online site is subject to all the applicable laws and regulations. You are the only one responsible for any substances of your communication using the site. With posting new information, or using any communication service, message board, chat room, software library, or in other interactive services that might be available to you through or on this site, you have to agree that you will not upload, post, share, or distribute or facilitate distribution of contents — including text, software, communications, images, data, sounds, or other information — that:

  • Is threatening, unlawful, harassing, defamatory, deceptive, fraudulent, invasive of others privacy, tortious contains explicit or other graphic descriptions or accounts of sexual acts, or violates the rules and policies otherwise.
  • Victimizes degrades, harasses, or intimidates an individual or some group of individuals based on gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, or disability.
  • Infringes on patented trademarks, copyrights, trading secrets, right of publicity and otherwise of any party
  • Constituting unsolicited or unauthorized advertisings, junk or bulk of spams, chain letters, or any other form of lottery and gambling.
  • Contains software viruses or other computer codes, programs or files
  • Impersonating any other person or entity including the employees and representatives

We do not endorse or assume any liability of the contents uploaded by the third party users of the website. We do not monitor or edit the content posted by users of chat rooms, communication services, newsgroups, message boards, software libraries, and more. However, we have the sole discretion to remove contents that, in our judgment, do not follow the terms of use rules of the site.

Third-Party Sites and Information:

This website may not link you to the other websites on the internet, inclusive of the references to information, software, materials, documents, and services that other parties provide. The websites might contain some materials and contents that maybe some people may find offensive. We do not control the other sites and parties. So, our clients should acknowledge that this site will not be responsible for copyright compliance, decency, accuracy, legality, or other aspects of different contents. This website will not be liable for any omission or errors of products and service errors of the other parties.

Intellectual property information:


For the usages in Terms and Use purpose, we will define content as any data, information, software, communication, videos, graphics, sound, music, or other materials, and other services viewed by the users of our website.


As you are accepting the terms and conditions, you agree that the contents presented to the viewers of thesite are protected with trademarks, republish, copyright, patents, or the other proprietary rights and laws. You, as the user, only have the permission to use the contents expressly authorized by the providers of the content. You cannot modify, republish, reproduce, transmit, upload, post, or distribute any documents other than the one copy for personal use.


Unauthorized Use of Materials:
Any material or communication subjected to our Privacy Policy transmitted to this website or us by any means or by any reason, we will treat them as non-confidential. While you are retaining the rights in such material or communication regardless of the purpose, you provide us the right to copy, perform, publish, distribute, modify, adapt or use for any purpose regardless of the medium.

DO NOT submit confidential properties to our website as long as we have mutually agreed in doing so, as per instructions.

If you feel any of the contents posted on our website is violating its trademark or copyright, you can lodge complaints to the efficient designer agents working with us. The notification should be inclusive of:

  • Identified in sufficient detail, the work that you believe has violated copyrights.
  • Identify the material that you claim is violating the copyrighted work
  • Provide reasonable information sufficient for us to notify the owner or the administrator of allegedly violating copyright rules
  • Include a statement stating that you have good faith and belief that the copyright owner has not authorized the use of copyrighted materials described above as allegedly infringing content.
  • Include another statement swearing that you, under the penalty of perjury, the information in the notification is accurate, and you are the copyright owner, or you are authorized to act on your behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.
  • Then sign the petition.

Disclaimer of warranties:

We provide all the materials on an “as available” basis. We do not make any warranty without limiting preceding. Therefore, we do not warrant that:

  • The services and materials are going to meet your requirements.
  • The services will be timely, secure, and error-free.
  • You might obtain results from the use of the services, or the resources will be effective.
  • Any products, services, or other information purchased or obtained from us are going to be completely error-free, or free from defects.

Limitation of Liability:

We or any of our affiliates will not be responsible for you, or any third party for any incidental, indirect, punitive or consequential damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever.

Moreover, we are not going to be responsible for any way for third party services offered from our website, or any kind of assistance to conduct transactions through our website.


You, the client on request, have to bear any expenses, including the attorney’s fees arisen from their use or misuse of the website. On appeal, the client has to agree, insure, secure, and to hold us harmless from the claims and liabilities.

Security and Password:

You will be responsible for keeping your account details and password confidential. Our affiliates will never ask for your password, but if you make a transaction or share your account, we can terminate your account anytime.

Participation and Promotion:

This site may include different advertisements offered by third parties. Any such promotions, including the delivery or transactions regarding the promoted service, terms of uses, or any such thing, will be considered as your and the advertiser’s internal affairs.

International Use:

This website might be accessible across the globe; we do not recommend any representation of resources on this website that are available or appropriate for locations outside the United States. Furthermore, we also do not support accessing our contents from territories where the contents are not legal or are prohibited.

Termination of Use:

You may agree that we, the website, in our discretion, can suspend your access to our site partially, or entirely without notice, and for any cause. We may ground any fraudulent or illegal, or abusive activity, and might be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.


We will notify you about any of our notices via writing, email, or conventional email.

Entire Agreement:

These terms and conditions will constitute an understanding between our clients and us. It will be concerning the subject matter of this contract. All the agreements between the parties will come concerning these subject matters.

Support requests & development time:

The support request must be requested through the helpdesk. Therefore, it is easy to categorize them and make responses promptly. We will notify you via email with information about the helpdesk we have upon registration. You will also find a link to our helpdesk on the WordPress dashboard.

We can use the development time for phone support, chat support, or other development hours. However, we will subtract them from the purchased additional time. Although we will try to keep the same developer assigned to an individual product, we cannot guarantee this every time.


You can cancel the service whenever you want. You just need to request a cancellation, and we will cancel your service in between two to three business days.


We will maintain a policy of no refunds as our clients can cancel their service anytime. Our rights to issue a refund on the case-by-case basis will be discrete solely to us.


In any of your actions to enforce these terms and conditions, the predominant party is going to bear the costs and attorney’s fees. If any of our clients bring any cause of action against any of our affiliates, bring it with one year after the cause of action, or we will deem it forever.

Our failure to exercise any provision of these terms and conditions will not constitute a waiver of the right.