WooCommerce Not Sending Email Issues in WordPress?

WooCommerce not sending email issues in WordPress

WooCommerce not sending email issue is one of the common WooCommerce errors occur in the WooCommerce online store. We have to understand that, WooCommerce itself does not send emails, WooCommerce only creates emails, and the server sends it to the customers. It is a very frustrating issue. It also affects sales. In most cases, what happened either the website admin is unable to send the emails, or the customers have not received the emails. Several issues are responsible for this problem. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to fix WooCommerce not sending email issues.

Steps to Fix WooCommerce not Sending Email Issue step by step

  1. Review Woocommerce Email Setup
  2. Check the spam folder for emails.
  3. Modify your recipient email address
  4. Make use of an SMTP plugin.

Review WooCommerce Email Setup

To fix the issue WooCommece not sending email notifications to customers you have to check the WooCommerce Email configuration settings in the first place.

You should consider two main aspects that are as follows. 

Individuals notification email:– Here, you have to examine that the notifications of the emails are correctly setup. You can find the complete list of the notifications in the email tab. For this, you’ve to follow these steps.

  1. Head to the WooCommerce
  2. Next click on the settings
  3. At last, go to the emails. Here you can examine which email is creating the problem.
  4. You’ve to note down whether an email is enabled; in case if it is not then, you can enable it. Make sure that you have to add the recipient’s address carefully.
  5. At last, save the changes.

Email Sender Options

  1. Here firstly, you’ve to log in to your WordPress admin
  2. On the main menu, you can see the option of WooCommerce.
  3. Place the mouse pointer on WooCommerce, and you can see the settings option

4. In the settings tab, you will see the following page; there you need to move towards the Emails Tab.


5. Next, you’ve to scroll down and look for “Email sender options

Email sender options

6. Now one thing you have to check all the details should be accurate in “from” name and “from” address tab.

7. In the name tab, you add the name which people can see whenever they get the email.

Pro-Note: Make sure that you don’t need to use any special characters in it.

8. In the address tab, the sender address should be added correctly. Check it twice before saving it.

Check the spam folder for emails.

Sometimes, WooCommerce email notification does not go to the user’s inbox folder because it directly goes to the spam folder. This kind of issue indicates that the web host IP address might be blacklisted. But you don’t need to worry about this; the web host provider can sort it. If your web hosting provider does not resolve this error, then we recommend moving your website to a different web hosting. Look for the services which have the best spam filters and security standards. In case of website migration to a new host, we recommend you go through our blog on how to choose best WordPress hosting in 2020.

Modify your Recipient Email Address

In some cases, the customers get timely notifications for the orders they have made. However, the admin is not getting any notifications regarding the same. This problem occurs when both the sender as well as recipient possess the address of the email with the same domain.

Take an Example

Sender email address is – [email protected]

 similarly, the recipient has the address [email protected]

Here you see the domain names that gmail.com is common in both. For this, you can use the different domain name of the recipient, let’s say you can use [email protected]

  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • Click on WooCommerce
  • Settings
  • Click on the Emails
  • Here you’ve to click on the email notification which you need to fix.
  • Now you can change the recipient email address. It must be a different domain.
  • At last, save all the necessary changes.

Make use of SMTP Plugin.

When you are not able to correct down the problem, then you have to know that there is any issue associated with the email server on the web host. For this, you can make the use of the WordPress SMTP plugin.

SMTP Plugin

How does it work?

WooCommerce uses WordPress function wp_mail() to send the emails. Now WordPress calls the PHP for sending the emails. PHP sends a request to the web host’s server to send the email, But when you install the SMTP plugins, the request directly goes to the SMTP plugins instead of web host servers of emails.

Before SMTP Plugin

SMTP mail exp

After SMTP Plugin Installation


WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms. WooCommerce provides tons of features that help to create an amazing online eCommerce store. You can Install several WooCommerce Plugins and Choose the best WooCommerce themes. All these best features help to engage customers with your WooCommerce online store. WooCommerce email notifications play a vital role in updating customers about your websites. Email services perform several important works like, sends a new order confirmation, offer notifications, product delivery update, and numerous other information. But when WooCommerce not able to send emails to customers, we have to fix it as soon as possible.

So in this tutorial, learn how to fix WooCommerce email notification issues. If you have any doubt, ask us freely in the comment box.

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