WordPress Admin Login URL

WordPress admin login

WordPress admin login Page is a default login page for your WordPress admin dashboard when you install WordPress, you get access to the page, which is known as the wp-admin page. Every user needs a WordPress Admin to login into its WordPress website dashboard, where you can make changes such as theme installation, plugin installation, profile update and any kind of customization as well as create a page or post, update Webmaster code, Analytics code, add a hyperlink in keywords, justify your content, apply tags to the content, and many more things. Users cannot make changes if they don’t have the WordPress admin panel access. But do you know where they WordPress login page located?

How to Find Your WordPress Admin Login URL?

WordPress admin login

You can find the WordPress login URL by typing “/wp-admin” at the end of your website domain. for example, “https://yourwebsite.com/wp-admin”.

Finding the WordPress Login URL of Subdomain or Subdirectory

(www.yoursite.com/WordPress) or subdomain (blog.yoursite.com/). You can type /wp-admin or /admin at the end of your URLs like www.site.com/wp-admin or blog.site.com/wp-admin or /admin. there is one more way to login to your WordPress admin dashboard, that’s /wp-login.php at the end of the website like https://yoursite.com/wp-login.php
Searching the WordPress login page is possibly more simple than you anticipate.

Pro-Note: You can save your WordPress admin login URL as a bookmark on your browser or save user id and password for future login, also users can choose “remember me” option in the WordPress login page that saves your WordPress credentials.

How to Protect Your WordPress Login Page from Unauthorized Access

WordPress admin login

Nobody can access your WordPress admin dashboard, without your WordPress credentials. Hackers may try to get access to the admin page or your WordPress Admin Account and initiate corrupting and harming your website.

However, you can protect this incident and secure your WordPress website by creating a strong, unique, and complicated password, A secure password must be a combination of upper case, lower case letter, alphanumeric and special characters.

Change Your Login Page by editing admin.php file

One smart and efficient method to obstruct hackers from your WordPress login is to replace the WordPress Login URL to the new unique URL as per your wish. For example, the default WordPress Admin Login URL is ” https://yourwebsite.com/wp-admin” so you can replace this your from https://yourwebsite.com/wp-admin to https://yourwebsite.com/wp-myadmin. From your “admin.php” file located in “wp-admin Directory” in the root directory of your domain. It will help you to combat hacks, cyber attacks, and malicious events to your website, because when you change the login URL, so the only user can access who has the modified WordPress admin login URL. After you have created a new login page, it will be activated, and your old URL will not work anymore.

Note: If you face any issue in accessing the new WordPress admin Login URL, then you can revert the settings and go back to defautl wp-admin login url.

Change the WordPress Admin URL By Using A Plugin

The easiest and common method to edit your WordPress login URL page is by installing a WordPress plugin.

In this blog as an example, we are going use WPS Hide Login Plugin by WPServeur, NicolasKulka, tabrisrp. Nearly 600000+ active users are using this plugin. This plugin is easy, and it doesn’t edit any core file and rewrite any syntax.

How to Install and Activate WPS Hide Login Plugin and change your default WordPress admin URL Setting

  1. Got to your WordPress dashboard > Plugin
  2. Search WPS Hide Login > click on Install and activate it. (Check our youtube video how to install and activate WordPress Plugin)
How to Install and Activate WordPress Plugin

a. After that go to Setting > and choose WPS Hide login

WPS hide plugin

b. It will take you to the WordPress setting page > below down you can see Login URL option where you can change the URL Path as you wish.

c. At Last Click on Save Changes.

There are many alternative plugins are available to change the WordPress admin URL, you can check it out online.
Changing URLs can eliminate the possibility of hackers attacking your site. But that doesn’t mean they will stop trying. They might go to the extent and trace your login page anyhow.
But no need to stress out because there are many ways to protect your WordPress website.

The harder is your security wall, the problematic for hackers to breach the security of the website, and get access to the WordPress admin dashboard.


Though there are several methods of protecting your WordPress admin page and also there are different ways to modify the login URL. Ultimately WordPress has one motto, and that is to provide a simple and secure platform for its users. Above are some important tips to secure your WordPress admin login URL to protect your website hackers.

Important Note:

” To log in to your wordpress.org account please type www.wordpress.org/wp-admin URL in your browser address bar or simply click here

” To log in to your wordpress.com account type wordpress.com/login or click here

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