wordpress.com vs wordpress.org


WordPress beginners might get confused about which option they should begin with wordperss.com or wordpress.org. In this article, we are going to eliminate the confusion by answering all the common questions related to wrodpress.com and wordperss.org.

wordpress.com vs wordpress.org
wordpress.com vs wordpress.org infographics

What are wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

What is WrodPress.com?

WordPress.com is a hosting service that hosts user’s blogs when you signup for wordpress.com. You don’t need to buy a separate hosting server. WordPress.com founded by Automattic Inc, the company founded by the co-founder of WordPress.org, Matt Mullenweg.

What i s WordPress.org

WordPress.org is an open-source content management system. The extension “.org” is a domain name under TLD(Top Level Domain) that suggests that the website is non-profit and “.org” itself stands for an organization. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little developed WordPress as an adaptation of their first-ever independent blog or website making software. wordpress.org is a platform where you can download your WordPress software and install it on your hosting server.

wordpress.com VS wrodpress.org

WordPress.com nothing but a wordpress hosting service that comes with free and premium plans.WordPress.org is the main wordpress software (Content management system) which you download and install it on your web server to crate your website
Require Account signup to create blogsIts install on a different web hosting that you can buy from web hosting providers
Automatic Installation and setup FeatureInstallation and setup Require basic WordPress knowledge, but Nowadays, web servers provide one-click installation too.
WordPress.com has a free and premium plan (for basic wordpress featuresWordPress.orgis 100% free
WordPress.com free plans is restricted, you can not install any wordpress theme, plugins, even file, and database is 100% prohibitedOn the other hand, wordpress.org is providing facilities to install your themes, plugins and every kind of customization
wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

Benefits of wordpress.com and wordpress.org

wordpress.com Benefits

Mainly wordpress.com is the best choice for beginners because it is free and easy to configure. You need to signup worpress.com; It does all the necessary setups for you. As a free user, you get features like

  1. pre-installed SSL (Check our blog on SSL)
  2.  free themes (Learn how to Install themes)
  3. Jetpacks essential features
  4.  Automatic updates and backups

check our step by step guide on how to start a wordpress blog in 2020

Benefits of WordPress.org

  1. wordpress.org is 100% free, open-source software. 
  2. The most significant advantage of wordpress.org is user has 100% control on the website. 
  3. Install as much as wordpress plugins, themes you want. as well as you can configure tools like google webmaster google analytics
  4. Any kind of website design, backend customization, file editing is possible.
  5. You can Run your google ads and earn money from your website

Is wordpress.com and WordPress.org is the same company?

No, wordpress.com and wordpress.org not directly related because both have few functional differences. WordPress.com owned by a company called Automattic. It’s founded by the co-founder of the wordpress.org Matt Mullenweg.Wordpress.org is an open-source, free content management system developed by WordPress Foundation.

Can I transfer my wordpress.com to wordpress.org

Yes, you can move your wordpress.com to wordpress.org.

as we mentioned earlier, wordpress.com is suitable for beginners, but you can not do much customization on it. As your traffic grows, you feel about moving to wordpres.org.

To transfer your wordpress.com to wordpress.org, you will need

“A Domain name with a Web Hosting Account”

On a free account of wordpress.com, the user only has a subdomain, You may need a domain name, finding a perfect business match domain is very important. Finding an excellent hosting service is also a challenging task

Important things to consider while purchasing hosting services.

  1. Check Server configuration carefully
  2. server location is also crucial
  3. Read all reviews before signup
  4. Look for best hosting speed
  5. check customer support options timings(prefer 24×7 support Provider

Final Thought

Above, we have tried to eliminate some misunderstandings about wordpress.com vs wordpress.org. If you have any doubts, do mention it in the comment sections, we are here to clear your doubts.

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