WordPress Dashboard and Its Amazing Features

WordPress Admin Dashboard

The first screen, when you log in to your WordPress website, is called the WordPress Dashboard. It is also known as WordPress Admin dashboard or WP Admin. It is the area where complete control of the Website is done. In this area, you can perform various operations, such as adding functionality, managing content, and changing the site’s style. WordPress Admin Area is used for depicting the information of your blog. Here you can use some links like drafting your work and replying to the comments etc. To Access WordPress Dashboard, follow the following steps.

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Login Page
  2. Type your username and Password
  3. Hit Login

In this tutorial, we will discuss what the WordPress Dashboard and its features are.

Other Names of the WordPress Dashboard Page

  • WP Admin
  • WordPress Admin dashboard
  • WP Administrator
  • Admin dashboard
  • WordPress admin panel
  • WordPress admin
  • WP-admin panel

The WordPress admin area is at the controller of every WordPress website. So its working is like the control panel. There are some specific criteria that you need to follow, as you are the owner, along with the Admin control, you can limit the other user’s control on your Website. Also, you can add as many users as you want on your Website.

The functionality of the WordPress Dashboard

Admin Menu

It is the main function of the navigation in the admin dashboard panel. Here appropriate menu item, as well as a sub-menu item, is chosen.

Admin Bar

It is for valid/authenticated users only. It is present at the top of the WordPress bar. The Admin bar contains some beneficial information as well as the links.

User Info

It is responsible for showing the information about the user who is currently logged in on the admin dashboard bar.

You can see this at the top right. When you click on it, it depicts the relevant information about the user.

Content Area

It is the area where you write all your content. The content area is located centrally. Here all the data is depicted.

Screen Options

It is present at the top right of the page. Screen options give some hidden information. It shows and hides some pages. It contains- At a glance, Activity, quick draft, stats, etc.


As is clear from the name, it is for helping the user to get information in the form of useful links.

Dashboard Widgets

Here the dashboard pages content gets structured into Dashboard widgets.

Features of WordPress Dashboard

  • Admin Dashboard assists in the following functions.
  • Expanding the widget
  • Collapsing the widget
  • Editing the widget
  • Rearranging the widget
  • On the WP Admin dashboard, admin has the full privilege to add new users and can delete any user.
WordPress Dashboard


All Users

There are the following options – All Users, Add New, and Your Profile. All User’s option is for providing you the overall view of those users who are providing content to your website. The new option is to add a new user, and your profile option is to check out your profile.

Add New

3. Admin Dashboard Panel allows us to add new posts and gives the facility of opening all posts also.

All Posts

4. Installation of the new plugins.

Install Plugins

5. Admin can visualize the screen option present at the top of the page, present at the right corner. An admin has control of what should be displayed on the WP screen.

Screen Options

Screen Options
  1. Admin’s full control Adminis on hiding and showing the individual elements on different pages.
  2. Admin and users can add new media.
  3. There is a privilege to Admin to use Tools Option. The Admin uses it for making easy import as well as the export of content.
  4. Admin can customize the appearance of the website by using themes.

Tabular representation What Admin can Access on Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard
DashboardIt contains the options of home and Updates. Here Admin can access both home and updates, but users other than Admin can only access home.
PostsIt possesses the options of Add new, All Posts, tags, Categories. Both Admin and User can access this.
MediaThe media option contains both Library and Add New option. It is accessed by Admin and normal users as well.  
LinksThis option contains all Links, add New and Link Categories as well as the Ratings. Only Admin can access this.  
PagesPages options contain – All Pages and Add new. Admin and User access it.
CommentsThis section contains the following options- Approve, Reply, quick edit, spam, history, edit, and trash. It is accessed by both Admin and the user.
AppearanceThis option is accessed by the Admin only. It possesses Themes, Widgets, Menus, Editor
PluginsAdmin can control this area only. It has the Installed Plugins, Add New, Editor options in it.  
UsersThis area can be accessed by the Admin only. It contains- All Users, Add New, Your Profile.  
ToolsTools options have- Available Tools, Import, Export in it. It is used by Admin only.  
SettingsIt is for the website function settings, and this is used by the Admin only. It contains options like- General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Privacy, Permalinks.


The most prominent part of WordPress is the WP Admin panel. Due to its simplicity, users find it simple to deploy. In this tutorial, we have discussed all WordPress Dashboard and the main features of the WordPress admin dashboard.

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