Five Effective Ways To Fix WordPress Error 500 or Internal Server Error

WordPress Error 500

WordPress error 500 can be quite annoying as they do not state the nature or details of the error. It is an internal server error and doesn’t provide any information about the error that has taken place. However, since there is a solution to every problem, the 500 internal server error WordPress can also be taken care of. We have a detailed guide below that will help you handle this error.

What are the Causes and Fix of WordPress Internal Server Error 500

The WordPress error 500 or internal server error on WordPress can occur because of various reasons. The reason could be as simple as getting an error 500 when a user is trying to access the admin area. Let us go through different solutions that can help in solving the error 500.

1. Deactivate All Plugins 

One of the reasons why WordPress error 500 is being prompted could be a faulty plugin or two plugins that are not compatible with each other. The only way to check if a plugin is causing the error is to deactivate all the WordPress plugins.

Follow these steps:

  • login to your WordPress website:
  • Go to plugins option:
Got to Plugin Section
  • Select all plugins:
List of Plugins
  • Choose deactivate/inactive option from the menu bar of plugins
Select All Plugins
  • Then click on apply.

If this step fixes the error, then it is a plugin that is causing the error.

Proceed to the WordPress admin area and click on ‘Plugins’ and then reactivate one plugin at a time till you locate the one that has been causing the error. Uninstall the plugin and use a different plugin to substitute the one you got rid of if you need the same type of features that it was offering.

2. Create a new .htaccess file.

Locate the .htaccess file and then right-click on this file to rename it, for instance, ‘ This step deletes the site’s .htaccess file, which means you would have to create a new one.

When you have renamed the .htaccess, check the site to see if the error 500 persists. If the issue has been resolved, then it was .htaccess that was causing problems. You need to save changes and create a new .htaccess file before you go ahead with any other things.

Go to Seo tool Settings > file editor > Save Changes

new .htaccess file

This will create a new .htaccess file for the site with proper rewrite rules to make sure that the post pages do not return any errors. If WordPress error 500 continues to persist, then go ahead with a different solution.

3. Increase the PHP Memory Limit of WordPress

At times an http error 500 WordPress can happen if the PHP memory is being exploited to its brim. Increasing the PHP memory can help in fixing this problem.

If error 500 is prompted while the user is trying to upload an image in the WordPress Admin or simply trying to log in the Admin, then the PHO memory must be increased. Follow the instructions below to increase the limit of the memory.

  • Create a blank text file and name it php.ini
file manager file editor
  • Paste “memory=64MB” in the black file without the inverted commas
Internal Server Error 500
  • Save the file
  • Upload it in the /wp-admin/ folder using FTP
Wordpress 500 Internal Server Error

If the internal server error is caused because of the PHP memory issue, then performing this step fixes the problem.

Remember that increasing the memory limit is just a temporary solution to this error, and you must get to the root of this issue. Try to find out what is exhausting the memory.

The reason could be anything – a theme function or a faulty plugin. The WordPress hosting company that is taking care of your website will be able to shine some light over this issue by scrutinizing their server logs.

If this method does not fix the issue, then continue with the next troubleshooting.

If the 500 internal server error WordPress is still prompting, then you should proceed to the next solution.

4. Re-Upload the Core Files

Re-uploading the wp-includes and the wp-admin folder from a new WordPress install has also helped several users to solve the internal server problem. None of the information will be deleted or lost in this process. Instead, it will resolve any issues that are being caused because of any corrupted files.

Go to the website of and then click on Download.


Doing so will install a WordPress zip file in the Downloads of your computer. Then extract the zip file in WordPress directory.

In the next step, you have to connect to your WordPress website using an FTP client. as the connection has been established, go to the root folder of the website. This folder comprises of wp-content folders, wp-admin, and wp-includes.

Next, open the WordPress folder on the computer. Select the wp-admin and wp-includes folders and select Upload after you right-click.

HTTP Error 500

The FTP client will transfer these folders to the server. It will also prompt whether or not you would like to overwrite the files. You must select overwrite and then select Always Use This Action.

The FTP client will replace the old WordPress files with new ones. If WordPress files were corrupted, then only this step will fix the WordPress error 500

5. Contact Your Hosting Provider

Web Hosting Server Suspended

If nothing seems to work for you, then you must get in touch with your WordPress hosting provider. Although, significantly, you try all these above steps to ensure that the error is not happening at the root directory. However, if you find that none of the solutions has worked to eliminate the error, then you can get in touch with your host.

Most users have benefitted from the solutions mentioned in this guide. You can also take care of this error. But if things don’t work, you can always get additional help from your hosting provider.


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