WordPress Not Sending Email Issues

How to Fix Wordpress not sending email

WordPress not sending email issue is frustrating for the beginners as well as experts. They wonder why their contact form can’t be able to send emails. Sometimes, some times it creates trouble receiving notifications as well. Don’t be panic; there is an easy way that helps you in getting rid of this WordPress not sending email issues. It is a prevalent problem and can be easily corrected.

Let’s discuss how to fix WordPress not sending an email issue.

Why is WordPress not sending an email problem occurs?

Many reasons create WordPress not sending email issues. Following are the main one:-

  • When your hosting server is not correctly configured for accessing the PHP mail() function.
  • Sometimes emails or notifications from contact forms and plugins usually missed due to many email service providers use tools to minimize spam. and often, emails from WordPress websites fail the mail server tools est due to which WordPress is sending email issues to occur.

How to Resolve WordPress Not Sending Email Issue?

Way 1. Make use of email account’s SMTP(simple mail transfer protocol) servers.

Way 2: Deploy Google SMTP email servers

How to use SMTP Servers

1. Frist of all login to Your WordPress dashboard > move to plugins

move to plugins

2. Then in the search tab type “WP mail SMTP“, Choose the one which developed by WPForms. Now Install the Plugin. After installing click on activate.

Check our youtube video on how to install and activate a WordPress plugin
click on activate

3. Now go to WP Mail SMTP Plugin setting Option

go to settings

4. The following tab open,

tab open

5. You need to click on SMTP, and then you need to fill the settings which you get from the mail service provider.

Click on SMTP

To get SMTP Credencials follow the following option.

6. Open your Cpanel and click on Email Accounts

Click on Email Accounts

7. After clicking on it, you will be able to see; you have to click on now set up mail client option

click on now set up mail client option

8. Now the mail client manual settings page opens

page opens up

9. Just copy and paste all the setting values such as, (username, password, hostname, and port numbers and more), to your WPmail SMTP settings page.

SMTP username

10. Click on save settings.
11. At last, you can send a test email to check it’s sending the email or not to send to check this method works.

Deploy Google SMTP email servers

This option helps you a lot. Here free Gmail account works well. You need SMTP servers of the email as well.

1. Firstly you’ve to create a free Gmail account, so move to the Gmail website for creating an account.
3. Move to plugins; then the very first step is firstly to download the Gmail SMTP plugin 
4. Then you have to install it and activate it

install it and activate

5. Then move to the Gmail SMTP plugin setting to configure it.

click on Gmail SMTP

6. You have to authorize your WordPress website for accessing the email servers of Google. For this, you ought to create safe IDs. form console.developers.google.com

7. Now log in the google developers console using your Gmail account

log in with your fresh Gmail account

8. After that, click on My project at the top most part.

click on My project at the topmost part

9. Now you can see the Add(+) button, from there you are allowed for creating a new project

Add(+) button

10. Now Create a project name and then press ok

Create a project name

11. You can see Enable API and services link which is present at the top, make a click here.

Enable API and services link

12. Hereafter doing the above step, you can find and select the GMAIL API link, which is present in the G Suite APIs.

G Suite API

13. After that, you ought to tick on Enable, hereafter get onto credentials, move to create credentials

tick on Enable
  1. Pick OAuth client ID after that
  2. Select Web application on the screen of application type. After that, make a click on the create button.
  3. For creating an OAuth client ID, an appropriate product name is required. So set the product name first.
  4. After performing the above-stated steps, again go back to your admin dashboard of Gmail SMTP plugin
  5. Now you have to copy which is written in front of the Authorized redirect URI field. It can be copied to the Gmail API page of creating client id.
creating client id

19. You can see these results

See the result

20. Click on the create button.
21. Now you’re able to see OAuth credentials

OAuth client

22. Simply copy these and paste it on the WordPress settings page where client id, as well as a client secret, are popping up.

Paste on the  WordPress settings page

23. after that you have to perform remaining plugin setting options
OAuth Email setting: email address add google developers console email. Both emails should be the same.
From the name and an email address: you have to add a name and an email from where you want to send the mail.
TLS encryption: Encryption should set by default
SMTP port-: while choosing SSL its value is 465, and for TLS it is 587.

configuration of remaining plugins

24. At last, click on save changes.
25. Make a click on grant permission.
26. Enter now your Gmail account credentials for authorization of the connection.
27. Now your SMTP status changes to connected
28. You’re able to send mail now
These are the ways of how to fix WordPress not sending email issues. 


In this tutorial, we have discussed how to fix WordPress not sending email issues. I hope this tutorial has helped you. If still, you are facing any difficulty in this, ask freely in the comment section.

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