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In a world where today’s wildest dream is tomorrow’s kitchen appliance, the time is money. Consequential decisions are made in a matter of seconds. When a human being’s attention span has decreased to a meagre 8 seconds. I can assure his patience levels have dwindled as well. So, it is of utmost importance that site speed is kept to a minimum to bring more traffic.

Why Speed is Important for Your WordPress Website

1. Fast Website Generates Best Traffic

The average user of the internet expects sites to load within a whopping 2 seconds. Can you believe that? It does not matter how engaging or important your content could be but a site speed of more than 3 seconds turns away close to 40% of your incoming traffic. In fact, it has 22% fewer page views and conversions coupled with 50% lower bounce rates compared to a page that loads in just a second.

2. Website Speed Matters to Search Engines like (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

The site speed is so vital that Google has included it as one of the ranking factors of websites. The ranking referred to here is the search engine ranking that is determined by your SEO score. This determines the page on which your website shows up when someone types in a keyword that your page gives them information about.

If you have a higher search engine ranking, your page shows up on the first few pages or even the first page if your SEO score is good enough. This increases the chance of people visiting your websites. 92% of people do not go beyond the first page when conducting a search on Google and only 6% visit even the second page.
Hence, WordPress has to show up within the first page of Google search when people search for related content( i.e. website creation, content management, etc). If not, the number of new or returning customers will decrease significantly.

3. Brand Value

A slow website can even impact adversely on the brand value because Users do not have any concerns about where they are getting the results from, what matters is speed, This also means they would not hesitate to gravitate to a competitor’s website, such as Wix.com if that is what it takes to get faster site speed.

It is also crucial to secure a fast site speed on all formats such as desktops, mobiles, tablets, etc. As it takes significantly longer to load on a mobile compared to a desktop.

WordPress can pride itself on customer satisfaction and having a competitive edge by upholding just this one factor. WordPress.org has a Load time of 1.1 seconds which is very good.

What Slows Down Your WordPress Speed

If the site does take more times, one should be able to identify what is the cause. Only then, he or she can narrow down the cause of slow site speed and be able to act upon it. Let us look at some the possible causes for a slower speed for WordPress.

  1. Bad Web Hosting Server
  2. Large Media files can cause the speed
  3. Unwanted Plugins (check our plugin Guide here)
  4. Unoptimized CSS files
  5. Render-Blocking Java Script Issue
  6. No caching plugins installed in your WordPress
  7. Too Many Redirects found

How to Check your WordPress Speed?

There are many free tools online that can measure the speed of your loading page for you. These websites may even point out the issues that they see on your site. It advises on what you can do about it as well. Most

Reliable WordPress Optimization checkers are:

  • Google Insights (speed checker)
  • GTMetrix
  • webpagetest
  • Pingdom

How to Check WordPress Speed with Google Insights

  1. Got to Google Insights
Google Insights Homepage
Google Insights Homepage

2. Enter Your WordPress Website URL and Click on Analyze button.

Google insights type your url
Google insights type your url

3.You can see the test result in 2 parts

3.1 Mobile Optimization Result

3.2 Desktop optimization Result

Google Speed Test Result
Google Speed Test Result

How to check Speed Test with GTMetrix

  1. Visit GTMetrix website
  2. Enter Your URL to Analyze and Click Test your site button
GTMetrix Website speed test page
GTMetrix Website speed test page

3. You wil get the result category wise like

a. Performance score details

b. Page speed details

GTMetrix Website speed test result
GTMetrix Website speed test result

It analyzes all the data on the web page and gives a rather elaborate report. It even gives you a performance score which suggests if your speeds are fast, medium or slow. Some of the suggestions may be too technical; this is where your host and developer comes in. You could discuss the issues raised with them and help speed up your website.

To remain competitive with the SEO ranking, it is principal that you check the Site Speed regularly and conduct regular updates for better versions of plugins. Remember, the faster, the better!

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