WordPress This Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

WordPress this site is experiencing technical difficulties error mainly occur during or after the update of plugins as well as themes on WordPress. While using WordPress, you may face several errors. Such as  Internal server errorhttp image upload error in WordPress, and database connection errors. These issues are quite mind-numbing and irritating.

The easiest and the simplest way to fix error this site is experiencing technical difficulties in WordPress is by uploading the latest backup of your WordPress and get your website up and running within an hour.

But, If you dont have the backup. Please keep reading the article we describe all the possible way to fix WordPress this site is experiencing technical difficulties in details.

Pro Note: “Please take a backup of your website every day.”

What does This Site is Experiencing Technical Difficulties Actually Mean?”

It is a kind of fatal error in WordPress. It displays a message on the screen “this site is experiencing technical difficulties”.

wordpress this site is expereincing technical difficulties

This error has resembled the WSoD error. It sends error-related information to your admin email address. “There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” where you can access your WordPress backend as WordPress recovery mode and fix it.

WordPress recovery mode image

Don’t be frightened; if you don’t have the email access, Keep reading to resolve your error by finding the right cause.

Why WordPress This Site is Experiencing Technical Difficulties arise?

  • Faulty plugins
  • Corrupted themes
  • Usage of Old version of PHP
  • White screen of death error

Faulty Plugin

If the WordPress Error, this site is experiencing difficulties occur due to any faulty plugin. WordPress sends you an email with a link that takes you to the WordPress recovery mode. To check the need to enable debug mode. You can also check the complete tutorial on WordPress plugins.

Ways o Checking Error cause due to Faulty plugin

  1. Enable debug mode
  2. Rename the plugin name or plugin directory.

Enable WordPress to debug mode

Here firstly, you ought to find out your wp-config.php file.

  • You can find it by login into your website Hosting Cpanel.
  • Got to Cpanel> public.html> seclect your domain directory> look for wp-config.php file.
  • Now right-click on it> click edit.
  • You simply have to add these lines in the file.
define ('WP_DEBUG' , true) ;
define ('WP_DEBUG_LOG' , true) ;
define ('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY' , false) ;

After adding the above lines, you have to refresh the page. It creates a file named ” debug.log” you can find it in file manager wp-content directory. The debug.log line depicts you the exact Syntax as well as the line number where you see the error has arisen. It means it shows which of the plugin is creating a problem . to fix it follow the following steps.

Rename the plugin name or plugin directory

It is the easiest way what you have to do is.

Go to your file manager > wp-content directory> open plugin directory> and look for the plugin name which shows in the debug file, then rename it.

Right-click on the plugin name for an example,

The plugin “social-sharing” is creating a problem rename the of the plugin, form to “social-sharing” to social-sharing-old. Now visit your website, and you see you can log in to your WordPress dashboard

Plugin Rename

If it fixes your issue, delete the faulty plugin and reinstall it back.

Check Conflicting Theme for Troubleshooting

Not only plugins can create technical difficulties problems. But even a faulty theme can also cause the error wordpress this site is experiencing technical difficulties. So it is needed to do the troubleshooting of the faulty theme. How can you do this?

Simply you ought to make use of your hosting providers in file manager system. Firstly discover the current folder of themes.
Them directory location could be File manger> yourwebsite.com> wp-content> themes. After that, Then rename the activated theme.

Let us take an example, suppose if the theme name is Divi, you can rename it as DiviOLD. After doing so, you have to refresh the error page. If after refreshing the page, you can still see the error. Then this is not due to your theme. You have to look for other troubleshoot option. and/if it fixes the error then you need to find which function of the theme is creating the problem, you have to create a debug.log file by editing your wp-config.php file just put the following code into wp-config.php file.

define ('WP_DEBUG' , true) ;
define ('WP_DEBUG_LOG' , true) ;
define ('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY' , false) ;

It detects the exact line of error, so you can easily find the error and fix it.

Note: You don’t need to bother much about the settings of themes. You can get it back after the restoration of the theme folder name at the end of the process.

Use upgrade PHP Version

Do you know sometimes the old version of PHP creates an issue for you? What happens precisely the old version doesn’t available or exists. Older versions removed due to a lack of features and the introduction of new features. You can do this by using Cpanel

Go to Cpanel and search for software option then select the PHP version.

It opens a new page that shows you php current version, and if update available you can update it from there.

Restricting the Fatal Error (WSOD) Protection

You can restrict or disable the problem of WSoD.

Check the following options:

  • Edit the wp-config.php file
  • you have to do is simply disabling the fatal error handler
  • can edit the wp-config.php file simply by inserting the following code
define ( 'wp_DISABLE_FATAL_ERROR_HANDLER', true)

Click here to resolve whtite screen of death error a step by step guide.

Note:- After considering and following all the above-stated methods, If you Still experience “This site is experiencing technical difficulties.” Then you have to take help from the hosting provider in that case.

Final Thoughts

Some WordPress errors you can quickly troubleshoot while some are so typical to handle out. In this tutorial, we’ve discussed WordPress this site is experiencing technical difficulties error. If you have any doubt, ask me freely in the comment box.

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