WordPress Two Factor Authentication Set-Up Guide

WordPress two factor authentication to make your WordPress website secure from unwanted logins, an ultimate WordPress security method.

What is the primary step of entering into WordPress? Indeed, it is the login. For login, you firstly need to go to the WordPress admin login page. What does it contain? It has all the necessary information and useful data in it. it is a login door of your website. So it is mandatory to keep the login page secure and safe so that no third party access can happen or no hackers can perform any malicious activities on it. It is very much needed to safeguard the login page from multiple attacks like brute force attacks. Strong and unbreakable passwords are needed. But do you know? In several cases, strong passwords also hacked. That is why some relevant measures are needed. So here in this tutorial, we describe the ways of setting up WordPress two step authentication to make your WordPress double secure. It considered the most effective way to secure systems.

Top WordPress two factor Authentication Methods are:-

  • Email Verification
  • OTP(one-time-password) over SMS
  • Phone call verification
  • QR Code Authentication
  • Soft Token Method
  • Google Authenticator
  • Security Question and Answers

“We are going to set up WordPress two-factor authentication by using Wordfence Plugin and Google Authenticator

About Wordfence Pluing and How to Install it.

Wordfence is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins. It is a firewall and malware detector too.

WordFerence List of Features:

  1. Firewall Tool
  2. WordPress Security tool
  3. Login Security (2FA)

How to Install wordfence Plugin

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on Plugin Option> Add New
  • In the Search box type “wordfence”
  • Just click on Install and Activate it.
How to Install and Activate WordPress Plugins

Now Install Google Authenticator App on your phone from your Android Play Store or from Apple store if you are an Apple IOS user.”

About Google Authenticator App

Google Authenticator is a software, which mainly deployed for authentication. The most important thing is that it makes the use of two-step verification services. For implementing these services, it deploys the algorithm of HMAC based on a one-time password.

How to Setup WordPress Two Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator

As we know, in simple login, a website usually demands merely a user id and password. But the chances, the attacker can attack your website is more because he/she can make a simple guess for this. The solution to this problem is two-factor authentication. What does it do? Mainly it safeguards the website of WordPress by just reconfirming the login credentials.

Step 1: Got to your WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Click on Wordfence> Login Security

Wordfence login security dashboard and barcode

Step 3 : Now go to your phone and open Google Authenticator App and scan the barcode. It will generate a 6 digits security code

google authenticator security code

Step 4: Enter the code to the wordfence security code area

WordPress two factor authentication

Step 5: Now Click on Activate.

Two Factor Authentication via OTP

We are going to set up with the “two-factor plugin

  1. Simply Install the Plugin Learn here how to install and activate the plugin
  2. Next steps to enable it. for this go to Users> Profile > Two-Factor Options > Click on Enable checkbox and Primary Radio button option.
  3. At last Click simply on update profile to complete the setup.


There are several more ways of adding security to WordPress. Mentioned options are the most common and cost-efficient way to secure your WordPress website. In this tutorial, we have described how to set up WordPress two factor authentication the easiest way possible. If you have any doubts, ask freely in the comment.

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