WordPress White Screen of Death (Step by Step Fix)

WordPress White Screen of Death error is a very annoying Website error because it does not give specific information about the error. When the user tries to open the site or login to the admin panel, he or she only can see the white blank screen as an error. It generally obtains in the CMS section. 

A white screen of death error also may be visible a little dissimilar from one web browser to another. Like, on Google Chrome, you can see error “This page isn’t working.” “indicating that the requested web page is currently unable to handle the request, and it shows it as an HTTP 500 Error“. You can check the below image as an example.

wordpress white screen of death
WSOD chrome browser Screen

But on the other hand, the Mozilla Firefox web browser is showing a completely blank page with no message and error notification.


What are the Causes of WordPress White Screen of Death (WSOD) Error?

WordPress white screen of death error may occur on a specific page post or full website.

Mainly this WordPress WSOD error occurs due to the following reasons.

  • exhausted php memory
  • Error in WordPress Plugin
  • Faulty WordPress theme
  • any syntax error also causes WSOD
  • Failed WordPress auto-update

How To Fix WordPress White Screen of Death (WSOD) Error

Increase php Memory Limit 

The exceeding limits of PHP can also be the reason behind the white screen of death error to your website. Increase your php memory limit to fix it.

You can increase the php memory limit in 3 ways.

  1. from wp-config.php
  2. .htaccess file
  3. php.ini

To fix this issue, check our blog on how to increase php memory limit WordPress.

Disable all the plugins

If increasing your php memory limit does not resolve the problem, then try to disable all the plugins.

  1. From the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  2. From Hosting Server (Cpanel)

If you can access your WordPress admin login 

Then go to Plugins> Installed Plugin> Select All Plugin> choose to deactivate from Bulk Action dropdown and click Apply.

Deactivate All Plugin

From Hosting Server (Cpanel)

  1. Login to your Cpanel, by using your control panel username and password.
Cpanel login area

Go to > Public.html> look for folder wp-content > ope wp-content folder you can see plugin folder inside it.

Now right-click on the plugin folder and rename it.

Example “plugin_old.” It disables all the plugin at once.

Now check your website if it opens, it means one of your plugins is creating the problem. Find the right plugin and delete it or re-install it.

To know more about plugins click here

Fixing WordPress Theme Issue

To do this, you need to set your theme to default wordPress default theme.

Login to your Cpanel as mentioned above

go to wp-content folder > open theme folder > Just delete the existing activated theme > right-click> delete.

If you have a default WordPress theme installed, WordPress automatically set it as the default theme.

If fixing the theme issue does not fix the problem, then debug mode option to find the exact problem.

Enable Debug Mode

If the WordPress white screen of death persists and your WordPress admin is not functioning, then you can turn on the debug mode enable to find the exact error.

To activate the debug mode, you require to open the wp-config.php

you need to add the following code in wp-config.php file

*/ to enable debug mode and debug log /*
define( 'WP_DEBUG', true);
define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );

After adding the above line in the wp-config.php file refresh your WordPress website, now you can see the exact cause of the error mention on the screen.

You also can check it from the debug.log file inside the wp-content folder of your website.

Fix the Syntax Errors

One of the general causes of the WordPress white screen of death is an incorrect syntax on the WordPress site. In the event you are modifying the code in your WordPress website, you mistakenly typed incorrect syntax, this small mistake can make your whole site down. Any single comma or semicolon creat syntax error. Check our blog to fix WordPress Syntax Error

Failed Auto-Update

Often WordPress itself has a problem with updates such as server time out. However, often this issue gets rectified automatically, but in rare situations, it can result in a white screen of death.

The Rectifying process of this problem starts with navigating to the WordPress root directory. Check for the “*.maintenance” file, Delete the file, and make your site load again.


These are some common issues that can cause a WordPress white screen of death problem. We assume that this helps to fix this error. In case the problem persists, let us know in the comment section.

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